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SURF4ALL Lets You Share Your Globe Data with 4 Devices - go!

SURF4ALL Lets You Share Your Globe Data with 4 Devices


Surfing the web, browsing social media, and streaming music and movies have become quintessential activities in people’s lives. Be it for entertainment, information or news, internet use is now baked into our daily routines; in our current situation, it’s the best option we’ve got for socializing.


It comes as no surprise, then, that making sure we stay connected has been bumped up to the top of our priority list. And now, no person in your immediate circle has to be left behind—especially with the latest promo to be made available.


Looking to share your data on Globe? That’s now a possibility with Globe SURF4ALL.


What is SURF4ALL?


Globe SURF4ALL is the Philippines’ first-ever data-sharing promo. This offers users a high data allowance that’s usable on all sites and can be shared with up to four (4) users for one week. You get to enjoy up to 20GB (15GB base data allocation + limited-time 5GB bonus data) of shareable data at an affordable ₱249.


This new Globe data promo allows you to share data with Prepaid, Postpaid, Platinum, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, MyFi and TM users.



How can one sign up for the SURF4ALL promo?


It’s easy! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch the GlobeOne app on your device. This is available for download both on iOS and Android.

  2. Tap “Promos” and then choose “Group Data.”

  3. Under “Group Data,” select “SHARES&SURF249.”

  4. Add members to manage your group data.


How do I share data using Globe SURF4ALL?


To add, remove and manage your SURF4ALL Promo successfully, follow these steps:


  1. After getting your promo confirmation on the GlobeOne app, click “Manage Group Data.” Here, you have the option to customize your group name. Get creative!

  2. Enter the member’s name and their mobile number, then click “Add Member.”

  3. Repeat Step #2 until you have everyone in the group. Remember that only a maximum of four (4) people can participate, including yourself.


If you accidentally entered the wrong person or number, you can easily remove existing group members in your list. To do this, follow these steps:


  1. Go to your Members List and tap “Settings.”

  2. Select “Remove Member.”

  3. Choose the names you want to remove and click “Remove.”


How do I view and manage data limits on SURF4ALL?


If you are using this promo with your family, or have children or younger siblings whose screen time you’d like to supervise, you have the option to put a data cap on each member’s allocation. By default, no user has a data limit. This ensures every member gets to maximize the data they really need.


Here's how you can set a data limit to members of your SURF4ALL promo:


  1. Go to your Members List and tap “Settings.”

  2. Select “Manage Data Limit.”

  3. Choose a member.

  4. Choose from the “Data Limit Options” and click “Apply.”


Globe data sharing is really that easy! Never miss an update from your friends and family again.


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