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8 Tech Essentials You Need to Travel the World

8 Tech Essentials You Need to Travel the World

Flat lay photo of map, wallet, smartphone, sunglasses, notebook, pencil, laptop, camera, passport, and watch on table.

PHOTO CAPTION: Multi-functional devices let you confidently travel the world with a lighter load.

There used to be a time when plans to travel the world meant you needed maps, travel guides, foreign language phrasebooks, and other physical resources. But modern technology allows you to easily navigate global cities, instantly book accommodations, and stay connected, no matter the distance. From digital sims to smart tracker tags, these must-have tech essentials have become the backbone of modern travel. Not just luxuries, these advancements transform challenges into conveniences, so you can live your nomadic lifestyle with ease. 

Modern Travel: Your Tech Toolkit 

While packing everything except the kitchen sink is a thing of the past, tech can still add weight. Plan to travel light, taking only the necessities. Whether you're a digital nomad who intentionally merges work with wanderlust, a globe-trotting entrepreneur on a business trip, or a sustainable adventurer immersing yourself in new cultures, this must-have tech toolkit lets you work from anywhere with confidence and convenience. 

1. Digital SIM Card

Photo of hands holding a smartphone with an eSIM on the screen with an iced latte on the side.

PHOTO CAPTION: An eSIM lets you smoothly swap carriers for continuous connectivity when you travel.

Digital SIMs, or eSIMs, provide seamless international connectivity to stay connected and travel worry-free. This revolutionary device bids goodbye to searching for local SIM cards at every airport. You can easily swap carriers with an eSIM for dependable and constant access across borders. Plus, sustainable travelers will appreciate no longer needing disposable SIM cards.

And it's not just for you. Friends or family visiting from abroad can stay in touch through the Traveler eSIM. Not only can they check their phone's compatibility by running the eSIM compatibility test in the GlobeOne app, but they can also purchase eSIM within the app. 

2. Lightweight Laptop 

Photo of woman with a laptop on her lap while on a yacht in the ocean.

PHOTO CAPTION: Choose a powerful laptop that lets you pitch to clients in video calls or edit photos for the blog, no matter where you are.

If you frequently work on the go, you need a mobile choice that offers powerful performance without adding bulk to your suitcase. Laptops are a must-have tool that lets you work anywhere, in bustling city cafes to remote shores by the sea. Choose one with a crisp screen and long battery life, so you can work through long flights or extended airport stays. 

3. Pocket WiFi 

Pocket WiFi, cellphone, sunglasses, laptop, and mouse on the quay wall of a lake.

PHOTO CAPTION: A pocket WiFi keeps all your devices simultaneously connected.

While your smartphone may have WiFi capabilities, using your mobile data abroad can be expensive. A pocket WiFi with a local SIM card might offer more affordable rates. When traveling with multiple gadgets like a laptop and tablet, a portable WiFi is better at supporting all your devices. It's also more efficient than turning your mobile into a hotspot, which can quickly drain its battery.  

4. Noise-Canceling Headphones 

Half-body photo of smiling Asian woman wearing noise-canceling headphones on plane.

PHOTO CAPTION: Noise-canceling headphones help reduce ambient noise for a more enjoyable flight.

If you're thinking of investing in noise-canceling headphones, consider your travel habits, the environments you'll be in, and personal preferences. Can you sleep on the plane despite the engine noise or baby cries? If you're a business traveler, can you work despite distractions in cafes, airports, and other public spaces? Or do you want better audio quality during trips? If so, noise-canceling headphones can significantly enhance your travel experience. 

5. Smart Tracker Tags 

Photo of hands holding a phone with key location and a smart tracker tag.

PHOTO CAPTION: Smart tracker tags make lost items a thing of the past, giving you peace of mind.

Attach smart trackers tags to your belongings if you get distracted in busy environments like airports, train stations, or high-traffic tourist spots. Knowing the location of your luggage can give you peace of mind when you travel. Sometimes, the presence of these devices can deter potential thieves—safeguarding essential business documents or valuable personal items. 

6. Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

Man sitting down beside his luggage, holding a tablet with VPN protection on screen.

PHOTO CAPTION: A VPN lets you work on sensitive tasks online while safeguarding your information.

A VPN is essential when you travel. Public WIFI at airports, hotels, cafes, or transportation hubs is vulnerable to hacking, but a VPN can encrypt your online activity, safeguarding sensitive transactions. Plus, it allows you to browse and access content from home, even when you're on a different continent. 

7. E-Reader 

Young woman sitting in a coffee shop, reading her e-reader.

PHOTO CAPTION: E-readers offer a paper-like reading experience, reducing eye strain compared to reading your phone.

An E-reader is a must-have for avid readers. This device stores thousands of books and provides an optimized reading experience. Whether you're a jet-setting entrepreneur keeping up with industry trends or a casual traveler diving into a fictional world, an E-reader ensures you have a world of stories and information in the palm of your hand. 

8. A Smartwatch 

Woman checking her smartwatch on the street in the city.

PHOTO CAPTION: A smartwatch lets you track your steps, monitor your heart rate, or navigate the city using a built-in GPS.

A smartwatch can help you monitor your steps, heart rate, and other metrics as you explore new cities or go on adventurous hikes. It allows you to check messages, answer calls, and control music without pulling out your phone in a crowded tourist spot. It can also help you keep an eye on business email alerts, ensuring you're always in the know, wherever the journey takes you. 

Travel with Convenience

Global exploration is now more convenient, thanks to these technological advances. With the right devices, you can smoothly combine work, play, and relaxation. You can complete business deals in busy metropolises, promote sustainable travel in far-off places, or explore new locations. 

From eSIMs that offer constant connectivity to smartwatches that keep you updated on the go, these gadgets have redefined what modern travel means. Beyond convenience, these innovations can enhance your experience, making your journeys richer and more immersive. 

So, if you're packing your bags and getting ready to travel the world, remember to bring your tech toolkit to ensure you're prepared for anything. What digital devices do you take with you? 

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