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Vainglory Is The MOBA Game To Play Now. Here’s Why

There are so many features to dive into and enjoy



In 2014, game developer Super Evil Megacorp released Vainglory. Since then, the game has steadily grown in terms of community and game features for both iOS and Android. Now it’s arguably one of the best MOBA games to play on mobile.



The graphics are high quality

This honestly depends on your handheld, but Vainglory generally plays in HD graphics without any latency. Older devices might drop the quality a little bit, but it’s hardly noticeable.


The heroes are diverse

You’re bound to find a favorite hero with the library that Vainglory has. There are currently over 30 heroes, which differ in specialty, skills and background. There’s Baptiste, a Mage who forces fear into the heart of his enemies. Then there’s Gwen, a Sniper who quickly moves around the map unlike any other hero and can attack her enemies from a distance. There is also Phinn, a protector who is practically immovable and urges that the fight come to him.


You can play with your friends

There are games you want to play alone, then there are games that are more fun when shared. And while you’ll enjoy Vainglory on your own, it really does belong to the latter group. Play it with your friends in real time and you’re sure to enjoy it so much more.



The gameplay is strategic and efficient

Movement in the game feels really good to play and you won’t feel a delay in the reaction time whatsoever. You can also use both of your thumbs to hit all the buttons in order to have a higher level of mechanical control.


It just keeps getting better

Super Evil Megacorp is constantly making improvements to Vainglory. Whether it’s adding even more heroes, new skins or reducing system requirements (meaning you’ll always run the game better)—it just never stops.




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