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What Is 5G? Here’s Everything About The Latest Broadband Tech

5G lets you experience the latest and the fastest

You might have heard rumors about it before, but the long wait is finally over: 5G is here. With 5G, it’s now possible to create wonderful experiences like never before. 

Globe rolled out the new cutting-edge network technology in the Philippines—the first country in Southeast Asia to take advantage of the latest in broadband. Now, Globe offers super-sized postpaid home plans. Get ready to access fiber-fast speeds perfect for your binge-watching needs!

5G technology is the fifth-generation of wireless internet connectivity that promises faster speeds at a higher bandwidth. 5G is nearly 20 times faster than other networks available, such as LTE and the more commonly available 3G. The connection of 5G is higher can support more devices without sacrificing internet speed, which can reach up to 100Mbps. 

But there’s so much more to learn about this new tech. So here’s everything you need to know:

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5G’s arrival is revolutionizing technology and will transform the way people use the internet. Users will be able to gain quicker access to information than ever before. This should also pave a broader path for internet-abled tech, such as wireless sensors, smart wearables and more. 

Thanks to Globe Home Air Fiber 5G, you can now join the future of technology. Explore what’s available with broadband today.

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