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5 Reasons You Should Upgrade to iPhone 15

Time for a Phone Upgrade? Here's Why You Need iPhone 15

Photo of iPhone 15 Pro on a table.

PHOTO CAPTION: Want the new iPhone 15, stat? Check if you can score an upgrade with your Globe postpaid plan.

Ready to level up your smartphone experience? If you're clinging to an older iPhone model, now's the perfect time to upgrade. Apple finally released the new iPhone 15 series, besting previous iterations in performance, camera quality, software support, and more with top-of-the-line specs. Read on to find out how making the switch can put you ahead of the tech curve.

Here’s What to Expect with iPhone 15

Front and back view of the iPhone 15 Pro.

PHOTO CAPTION: iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are the first to offer the new A17 Bionic chip, which make them the fastest phones in Apple history.

Last September, Apple debuted its iPhone 15 series with four new models: iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. The Pros run on the new A17, which offers up to 20% boosted performance. That means you can run apps, jump between tasks, and load high-resolution graphics faster.

Other notable iPhone 15 specs include the Dynamic Island, a pill-shaped module that offers convenient camera assistance and live app alerts. No need to pull up multiple apps to get updates!

Each phone has a 48-megapixel camera with up to 5x optical zoom for higher definition photos and videos. Their vibrant, energy-efficient OLED displays deliver crisp, clear images that you can easily view in broad daylight.

Storage options for the non-Pro iPhone 15 models are up to 512 GB, while the Pro versions get up to 1 TB. If you’re into filmmaking, mobile gaming, and other space-heavy digital hobbies, those extra gigabytes are worth the investment.

Apple also designed iPhone 15 with a USB-C port instead of their proprietary lighting port. Now, you can charge multiple devices with the same cable.

Still not sure if you should upgrade? Check if the statements below apply to you. If you find most (or all) of them ring true, you should definitely spring for that iPhone 15. You won’t regret it!

1. You have an iPhone 12 or earlier.

Early reviewers claim iPhone 15 is worth it for those with iPhone 12 or earlier. If you have one of the earlier models, the jump in quality will be much more obvious, especially since the 12 runs on the outdated A14 Bionic chip. And if you got your 12 upon its launch, it’s almost four years old. While the average iPhone can last up to five years with proper care, signs of wear typically appear by the third year.

2. You’re draining your iPhone’s battery too fast.

Needing to charge your iPhone every few hours is always a red flag. The battery naturally wears out from regular usage, system errors, connectivity issues, and the like. On top of that, an older iPhone may struggle to keep up with frequent system updates.

According to independent tests of the regular iPhone 15, its battery life can last up to 11 hours. The 15 series also replaces the lightning port with a USB-C port, so iPhone 15 users can experience faster data transfer as well as compatibility beyond Apple devices. Plus, USB-C chargers power your phone significantly faster than lightning chargers, making them ideal for those who are always low on power.

3. You can’t install new software updates.

Examples of iOS 17 upgrades, including personalized phone calls, live stickers, and interactive widgets.

PHOTO CAPTION: iOS 17 allows you to give your friends and family real-time location updates through notifications and send animated stickers.

Apple launched the iOS 17 alongside its new iPhone series in September. The latest version of the operating system comes with exciting new features for Phone, Facetime, and Messages. Users can now personalize phone calls, search through their inbox with multiple filters, and leave video or audio messages for missed Facetime calls, among other perks.

iOS 17 also offers more customization options, including Live Stickers and interactive widgets. Later this year, Apple is launching the Journal app to give users a dedicated space to write and reflect.

Unfortunately, the iOS 17 isn't compatible with all devices in the Apple iPhone range. Specifically, models earlier than iPhone XR are unable to accommodate it and any future updates.

Early in October, Apple deployed an update (17.0.3) to the new iOS to resolve the overheating issues specific to iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. If you’re experiencing this problem, make sure to keep your iOS up to date. That should do the trick!

4. Your iPhone is slow and running low on storage.

Earlier iPhone models (12 and under) capped storage at 256 GB, while iPhone 13 series and subsequent launches (including iPhone 15 models) offer up to 1 TB.

Expanding your storage gives you more room to store digital keepsakes, download videos for offline viewing, and play HD games, among other conveniences. More space also means you're less likely to max out your phone’s memory and slow it down. 

5. You want a new look.

Photo of iPhone 15 rear camera lenses and black titanium finish.

PHOTO CAPTION: iPhone 15 models have curved, rounded off edges, making them sit more comfortably in your hand.Image Credit: Apple Website

Every iPhone is sleek, sophisticated, and seamlessly slots into your everyday life. Whatever you get will look stellar in your hand and OOTD snaps. But iPhone 15 models have a few visual upgrades that set them apart from previous iterations.

The 15 and 15 Plus have color-infused back glass and aluminum edges, making them more stylish and durable. They come in muted colors (Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Black) that lean more pastel than the vibrant options for iPhone 14.

Meanwhile, the 15 Pro and Pro Max use aerospace-grade titanium in their design, which Apple says is "the same alloy that spacecrafts use for missions to Mars." Both models boast a textured matte glass back, improving grip and fingerprint resistance. They come in five titanium colors: Natural, Blue, White, and Black.

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