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Ace Your Essays: Boost Your Writing With These 7 Writing Apps - go!

Ace Your Essays: Boost Your Writing With These 7 Writing Apps

Elevate your essay writing game with a little help from these online tools

After two years of Zoom classes and online modules, the Philippines has finally opened back up to face-to-face learning for the new academic year. Apart from thinking about returning to school safely, students should also be ready for class requirements and regular exercises such as essay writing.

With students becoming more and more tech-savvy, to add, there is a mantra that certainly applies: Work smarter, not harder. Looking for tools to help you ace your compositions and boost your writing skills? We’ve got you covered. Here are the best writing apps to get you ready for the back-to-school grind:

7 Writing Apps to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

From subject-verb agreement correctors to thesis statement articulators, grammar suggestions, and plagiarism checkers, you can unleash your inner writer with these useful apps for essay writing.


“Writing is not that easy, but Grammarly can help!” There’s a good reason this phrase became a TikTok trend. Grammarly is easily the most identifiable artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant because of its straightforward function and ease of use in catching writing errors. It helps with grammar, spelling, and tone, and even includes a plagiarism checker for premium users.

For simple compositions or intense writing assignments, Grammarly is a must-use tool for students of all educational levels.

Grammarly app performance report

Photo: Grammarly

Hemingway App

Did you know? Ernest Hemingway openly detested passive voice and adverb use. He was also known for keeping his writing style simple and concise. Imagine how delighted he would be if he learned that a tool that catches these two mistakes he so loathed was created in his honor.

Try the Hemingway app today and be surprised at just how easy it is to commit these Hemingwayan crimes. This comprehensive tool can also improve your readability score, enabling you to proofread your work like a pro.

Hemingway Editor app

Photo: Hemingway App


Plagiarism is a heinous writing crime, especially in the academe. It is, however, very possible to commit this unintentionally.

Turnitin is more than just an assessment or submission platform. It’s an excellent tool that encourages students to write their best and produce original work via a gold-standard plagiarism checker.

Turnitin app feedback studio

Photo: Turnitin

Wordtune Read

Research can be one of the most mentally-taxing parts of essay writing. As a student, you are expected to cite only reliable, validated sources like articles, documents, and case studies relevant to your composition. (Unfortunately, these types of literature aren’t as engaging as, say, Netflix subtitles.)

Enter Wordtune Read: a tool that helps summarize long articles and documents so you no longer need to skim through the whole material. This also gives you great talking points when referencing studies to beef up your essay.


Photo: AI News

Papers Owl

Sometimes, the hardest part of writing is getting started. Students often have good ideas for a write-up but experience difficulty piecing thoughts together into a concise, logical piece. 

With Papers Owl, you get a free thesis statement generator to help you easily draft your essay. Plus, the platform features a citation generator to help polish your sources, along with a plagiarism checker to make sure your piece is unique.

Papers Owl thesis statement generator tool

Source: Papers Owl


If you have trouble organizing ideas, Coggle can help. It provides visual diagrams to help you map your writing through color-coded paths and interconnected charts. This app is perfect for visual thinkers who need help with elaborating their writing assignments for a more structured drafting process. 

Coggle collaborative mind mapping tool

Photo: Coggle

Essay AI Lab

Working on an essay means scouting the internet for references. The tendency is, though, once you click on a related link to your topic, you’re bound to load multiple browser tabs at once.

Essay AI Lab does the searching for relevant information for you, helping you piece them all together to jump-start your composition. No more running your eyes through text that turn out to be irrelevant.

Plus, this tool helps you cite in American Psychological Association (APA) or Modern Language Association (MLA) formats, leaving you one less thing to worry about for your assignment.

EssayAILab essay writing tool

Photo: Essay AI Lab

All Ready to Write Right!

As face-to-face classes ensue, practices from two years of online learning are, for sure, not going anywhere. It’s best to be prepared for the transition. Using these applications can help you reach your full potential.

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