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10 of the Coolest Concept Stores Ever

 Because it’s not just about shopping but the whole experience that makes going to these stores worthwhile


Adidas, NYC
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This month, Adidas opened its new flagship store in New York City (at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 46thStreet to be exact) and boy, did our hearts flutter. Inspired by a high school stadium, the store features a tunnel entrance, bleachers to watch the (live televised) game, locker rooms as dressing rooms and (what!?) a track and field area to test their products. Adidas NYC also offers fitness consultations from professional trainers on site.
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Apple Store, Istanbul
Photo via Foster + Partners
It’s not new to see Apple listed among the best what-have-you’s list. Fact is the American tech company is synonymous to all that’s sleek, modern and of premium quality. But they’ve clearly outdone themselves with the multi-award winning Apple store in Istanbul. Clean and minimalist in design, this tech temple is surrounded by a shallow pool that adds to its architectural appeal. From the top, the store looks like an iPad or a Macbook. As for all the action, it happens when you descend down the glass staircase. How cool is that?
Colette, Paris
Fashion fiends if ever you’re in Paris, cult store Colette is a must-see for its incredible selection of merchandise. Here, you can find cool-girl and –guy essentials, from books to records, toys to furniture, and (mostly) luxury men and women’s apparel. There’s also a water bar at the lower level where you can quench your thirst with any of their 100 brands of bottled water.
Photo via Vogue
Dover Street Market, London
Photo via Time Out
The multi-level Dover Street Market is another fashion paradise but this time, with the vibe of an art gallery. A product of Rei Kawakubo and her husband Adrian Joffe’s combined genius, the retail store also houses Rose Bakery Café, for when you need a caffeine fix before going through all three floors of fashion amazingness.
Dust Concept Store, Melbourne
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Looking for a multi-sensory shopping experience? Take a trip to the futuristic and sterile-clean Dust if ever you’re in Australia. The highly conceptual store with a very niche audience stocks products that appeal to each of the five senses. They offer clothes that can be personalized according to your aesthetic, fragrance that scents the whole store and available for purchase at the counter, Japanese tea to soothe the palate and more. Whether or not you’re going to make a purchase, Dust is a must visit for the unique experience it offers. 
Photo via We Heart
Flowerboy Project, LA
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Who doesn’t love flowers? Throw coffee and other pretty objects in the mix and you’ve got a creative collective you just want to lounge in for a whole afternoon. Enter Flowerboy Project, which offers guests just that and more. It’s the ideal place to literally stop and smell the flowers. Have a cheesecake, too. We hear it's quite good.
Photo via See Shop Eat Do



Globe Iconic Store, Philippines

The first of it’s kind in the Philippines, Globe Telecom opens the Iconic store, a lifestyle and entertainment destination like no other. With a design so dynamic and forward, and a boast-worthy glass bridge connecting the two stores designed by no less than Tim Kobe, the Iconic has been the venue for large-scale events like Green Day’s American Idiot and A Christmas Carol The Musical. It also features Times Square-inspired LED walls for live video feeds and on-ground entertainment as well as interactive booths to get a first-hand experience of their latest products. Did we mention? There’s a chroma studio, too, where you can take a photo with friends anywhere in the world!


Lego, New York
Photo via NYCLUG
Everybody’s favorite childhood toy, LEGO, comes alive in the LEGO Store at the Rockefeller in New York. Featuring kid-chic design, ingenious displays (that Pick A Brick wall and LEGO dragon going through the ceiling though), in-store events and a play area even the adults will love, we don’t think we could as for anything more. Indeed, everything is awesome.
Shop LCP, Philippines 
Photo via Shop LCP
They say shopping and alcohol can be a dangerous combination…But who cares when you’re sipping on champagne and going through racks of well-curated fashion wares from international contemporary designers? Shop LCP (short for Love, Candypie) takes pride in its chic and cutting edge offerings and exceptional service (like style advice from their resident stylists). So come on over, there’s always a dress-up party happening at Shop LCP!
Story, New York
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 The new kind of retail store doesn’t just want to sell you their stuff. They want to tell you a Story. Taking the POV of a magazine, New York’s Story changes like a gallery and sells, well, like a store. This means the store reinvents itself every four to eight weeks, bringing to life a new trend or issue. So what do they sell? Everything you need to tell your own unique story.
Photo via SUITCASE Magazine

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