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An Independent Woman’s Guide To Solo Traveling

Take the plunge, shop for your travel essentials and start your solo travel adventure

Solo travel doesn’t need to be scary; the key is in preparation and precaution. Since you’ll be on your own, thorough planning and research about your destination, learning how to navigate the area and knowing how to communicate with the locals are a must to make the experience a positive one.

So take that leap of faith and go on your solo journey. Grab your travel bag and start planning your lone adventures.

Research Tips

1. About your destination

Unfamiliar places can make many of us uneasy, especially when alone. So do some thorough research before you click ‘confirm’ on all your bookings. And always try to look for a place that’s located near convenience stores or hospitals and is situated in a safe neighborhood.

2. Dress code

Dressing appropriately can save you a lot of trouble later on. Plan what to pack according to the weather, but perhaps more importantly, check out whether or not your destination has any cultural or traditional practices that dictate a dress code. You don’t want to be want to be one of those tourists that bring shame to their people would you?

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Packing Tips

1. Pack light

This doesn’t need to be said, but you’re likely to be roaming alone, which means it would be more convenient to be lugging around a small bag that will allow you to move freely and comfortably. This will come in handy especially if you’re travelling between cities and hotels.

Try to pack only the essentials and clothes that you’ll really wear. Think about each day you’ll be away, the activities you’ll be doing and what kind of versatile pieces you’ll need. After all, everything you bring, you’ll have to bring around with you—so keep it light.

Safety Tips

1. Share your itinerary

You might be on your trip alone, but it's smart to share your whereabouts with family or very close friends. Inform them about the activities that could limit your phone signal so they know when they should and shouldn't expect to hear from you.

While you’re at it, make sure you have some way of keeping in touch with the people back at home. You don’t have to share every moment with them, but checking in once a day should be enough.

2. Trust your gut

Us women sometimes, we let politeness supersede gut instincts in fear of coming off as rude. It’s okay to be nice, but remember to prioritize your safety when something—or someone—seems off.

3. Keep it low-key

Avoid bringing expensive pieces of jewelry or accessories when you’re traveling (alone or otherwise).

4. Scan for scam

Make sure you read about the scams in the area you’re visiting. Learn what to watch out for and what the signals are.

Budget Tips

1. Budget lodging is a-okay

The world has many beautiful places to offer. Fortunately, you can find some that are less busy and less costly. For solo travelers on a budget, hostels and guesthouses that offer dorm-tye rooms or capsule accommodations are recommended. You might have to share a toilet and bath with other guests, but getting familiar with them might also not be such a bad idea.

2. Save up for the trip

You don’t want to dip into your savings or emergency fund for a vacation, right? It’s less financially stressful and restricting when you already have money allocated specifically for your trip.

3. Splurge on safety

Know what and what not to splurge on. It's not always about the price; trust your gut. Don’t second guess spending a little more if it ensures your safety. This goes for local transportation, too.

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General Tips

1. Stay connected

Get a local prepaid sim card if it will make communication with your hosts or tour guide easier. And if there’s a good data plan, it might even offer an easier way to keep you connected to family back home.

2. Map out the WiFi locations

That said, WiFi might be your strongest and most secure means of connection. So check out where it works for you. Use that time to tell your friends where you are, maybe share a few photos with family or do some extra research on your day’s activities.

So go ahead girl, explore new places, meet new people and don't let people tell you, you can't. Plan ahead and don't forget to shop for your travel essentials!

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