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Kaon Ta! A Cebuano’s Guide on Where to Eat in Cebu
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Kaon Ta! A Cebuano’s Guide on Where to Eat in Cebu

Crispy skin and tender meat of roasted pig or lechon

PHOTO CAPTION: You can’t leave Cebu without tasting lechon!

Located an hour and a half away from Manila by plane, Cebu is known for its pristine beaches, heritage sites, and really, really good food. The province serves a culinary adventure that's bliss for any food enthusiast. The best part? You don't have to look far to see where to eat in Cebu. Many excellent choices start at the province's capital, Cebu City, the Queen City of the South.

Must-Try Restaurants in Cebu City

While succulent lechon (roasted pig) has become synonymous with Cebu, the city has much more to offer to keep you indulging practically every hour. It has a bustling local food scene that offers diverse flavors, whether you're craving classic dishes or eager to try something new. Here's a list of restaurants in Cebu that will make you go, kaon ta!

La Fortuna Bakery

Façade of La Fortuna Bakery and Café on St. Joseph Street, Cebu

PHOTO CAPTION: La Fortuna is a local bakery you can find throughout the city of Cebu.

Like most Cebu travelers, you likely have Magellan's Cross beside Basilica del Santo Niño on your travel itinerary. Add La Fortuna Cafe Bakery for coffee and baked goodies to your pilgrimage.

Maci from La Fortuna in Cebu

PHOTO CAPTION: Grab a box of maci at La Fortuna.

This local Chibuano (Chinese Cebuano) fave draws the crowd for its best-selling hopia, ampao, tikoy, piyaya, and a diverse selection of bread. Add torta (cupcake-like bread using fermented coconut wine), ampao (sweet puffed rice), and maci (mochi-like pastry filled with crushed peanuts and sugar) to your pasalubongs.

A four-minute walk from Magellan's cross, La Fortuna Bakery is near the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral at Legaspi Street, Cebu City.


An exterior view of a Circa 1900 restored house

PHOTO CAPTION: Take a step back in time when visiting Cava.

If you love Spanish colonial architecture with a twist, head to Cava, a beautifully restored ancestral house with modern and glam interiors. Dinner is the best time to soak up the ambiance and indulge in Sous Vide Pork Belly, the popular Mac & Cheese, or the Shellfish and Harissa Barlotto (scallops and shrimp).

Burger Steak dish at Cava, Cebu

PHOTO CAPTION: Brunch in Cava includes Burger Steak topped with crispy shallots and poached egg and comes with garlic rice.

If you're not up for a full meal, drop by the speakeasy for tapas and Cebuano-inspired craft cocktails like Tagay and Mutiara Moringa.

Cava is located at Circa 1900 compound in Sanjercasvil Road, Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City.

Lantaw Seafood and Grill

A section of Lantaw Seafood Grill dining area with diners

PHOTO CAPTION: Feel the native tropical ambiance when you dine at Lantaw Seafood and Grill.

Any where-to-eat-in-Cebu list has to include Lantaw Seafood and Grill, a well-loved restaurant by Cebuanos and visitors alike for the last decade. This seaside dining spot offers a great introduction to Cebu's sutukil fare.

Clam broth in a claypot served at Lantaw seaside restaurant in Cebu

PHOTO CAPTION: Broth lovers must try Lantaw's Tinolang Halaan.

Sutukil stands for "sinugba" (grill), "tinuwa" (broth), and "kilaw" (the Filipino version of ceviche). Lanaw's sutukil offerings include Tuna Panga and Tinolang Halaan (clam broth cooked with garlic, ginger and onions). You may also want to try Sinuglaw, a combination of pork sinugba and kinilaw fish like tuna. Other crowd faves are Adobong Saang (conch shells), Fried Bakasi (eels), Buttered Crabs, and Crispy Pata.

Lantaw Seafood and Grill has two branches: Il Corso, North Parking Area, South Road Properties, Cebu City (18-25 minutes away from SM City Cebu) and Day-as, Cordova, an hour away from Cebu City by private car.


Cur8 interiors with set tables before a service rush

PHOTO CAPTION: Cur8 uses a modern aesthetic that appeals to millennials.

After a city tour, take your hungry belly to Cur8, a modern Asian restaurant with an Art Deco aesthetic. Cur8 specializes in hearty rice bowls, such as Cambodian Chicken Curry with Mango Salsa and Beef Brisket Adobo. Other palate-pleasers include Salmon Soba Noodles. Meaty Bao Buns and Dragonfruit Kinilaw (scallops, shrimp, and coconut in aged ponzu).

Braised pork bowl by Cur8 in Cebu

PHOTO CAPTION: Cur8 serves this Braised Pork with Marinated Egg lunch set from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Cur8 also serves a high tea set of freshly baked pastries and sandwiches from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. If you get there at cocktail hour, you can craft your own gin and pair it with desserts like the pretty-in-pink Dragonfruit Cheesecake or cacao-rich Tablea Cake.

Cur8 is located on the ground floor of the Banilad Town Center at Gov. M. Cuenco Ave, Cebu City.

La Parisienne

The vaulted ceiling of the French-style eatery La Vie Parisienne

PHOTO CAPTION: Every room at La Parisienne is picture perfect.

With enchanting indoor spaces, including an impressive vaulted ceiling, La Parisienne delivers one of Cebu's loveliest backdrops for romantic dinners and proposals.

The vaulted ceiling of the French-style eatery La Vie Parisienne

PHOTO CAPTION: La Parisienne's Truffle Pizza will go nicely with white wine.

The luxurious Parisian vibe comes with French-inspired meals, such as Caprese Bruschetta, French Onion Soup, Osso Buco, and Panna Cotta. But it also has pizza, cheese and wine that pair well with friends who love to gossip amid dramatic and moody lighting.

Fifteen minutes from Ayala Center Cebu, La Parisienne is located at 371 Gorordo Avenue, Lahug, Cebu City.

Cebu Lechon

Closeup photo of sliced lechon’s crispy skin and tender meat against a wooden backdrop

PHOTO CAPTION: Crunchy skin and succulent meat makes Cebu Lechon a must-try! [Photo credit: Zubuchon Facebook]

A list of where to eat in Cebu can only be complete with a recommendation of lechon, the province's iconic dish with its perfectly crispy skin and tender meat. Every Cebuano has their favorite that you can fill up a listing of five quickly. 

Some of the most popular ones are Zubuchon (Anthony Bourdain called the lechon here "the best pig ever"), Rico's Lechon, and CNT in Ayala Center Cebu. If you end up near Gaisano Grand, walk along Jai Alai Street to find budget-friendly lechon stalls beside each other!

Lechon-hungry folks will even travel to Carcar, about an hour and a half from Cebu City. The town is famous for its slow-roasted pig that uses epazote or pasyote, a Mexican aromatic herb, for its stuffing. Fortunately, House of Lechon specializes in Carcar lechon and has branches in Cebu City. 

Stress-Free Food Crawl

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