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Good News, Manila: Randy’s Donuts Is Back - go!
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Good News, Manila: Randy’s Donuts Is Back

Here’s one good reason to head over to Uptown Parade, stat!

It’s confirmed: Manila loves its donuts—and obviously takes them very seriously. After an overwhelmingly warm welcome when Filipino donut lovers were given their first taste in May, Randy’s Donuts Philippines is back this month. 

Now settled into its official Manila address at Uptown Parade in Bonifacio Global City, LA’s iconic donut store, brought in by the Bistro Group, is here to stay. Drop by to experience for yourself the fluffiest, larger-than-your-average, melts-in-your-mouth donuts that have sent dessert lovers flocking to this brand in droves.

What might initially pique the interest of film and TV buffs, of course, is the distinct giant donut. Look familiar? It’s because the world-famous donut store has figured in pop culture moments in Iron Man, The Kissing Booth and Mars Attacks!

Come for the iconic store experience, sure, but stay for the equally iconic donuts. Must-try flavors include the classic Glazed Raised donut, the Maple Raised donut, the Pink Sprinkles Iced Cake, the Chocolate Long John and Fruity Pebbles Raised donut just to start. (As first-timers can attest, they’re worth braving those long lines.) 

As Randy’s Donuts gears up for the rest of 2022, keep your eyes peeled. Other signature Randy’s items to look forward to? Their coffee selection and the imminent expansion of their donut menu. 

For now, though, if you’re looking to treat yourself this weekend, here’s your sign to do it.

In the Philippines, Randy’s Donuts is located in Uptown Mall, 9th Avenue corner 36th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Store hours are 7AM to 10PM daily. For the latest updates, follow Randy’s Donuts Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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