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A Ranking Of The Best Starbucks Food From Good To Best

Their coffee is so overrated 

Starbucks is one brand that needs no introduction. You probably have your drink order down pat (even if you still practice it in your head before making the order). Non-fat and extra shot of expresso? No whipped cream, an extra drizzle of caramel? We’re sure these things ring a bell.

But while Starbucks built its name on coffee drinks, mispronounced or misspelled names and comfortable couches, there’s another side that should seriously take the stage: Its food.

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The Good

Oriental Vermicelli Chicken Salad


Image taken from Spot.Ph

Starbucks really started putting themselves on the map for food with the introduction of their Bistro Bowls, one star of which is the Oriental Vermicelli Chicken Salad. It’s loaded with all kinds of flavors and textures that are great all together or alone—perfect for those of us that can’t seem to get the bite proportions right. 

Chicken Pot Pie

For something that’s tethering on the cheaper side of things (as far as Starbucks prices go), the Chicken Pot Pie definitely delivers. Each dimension of the dish—whether the creamy mashed potatoes, crunchy pastry and warm chicken filling—complements the other perfectly. 

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The Better

Beef Pastrami and Monterey Jack Cheese on Croissant Baguette


Image taken from Spot.Ph

One of the heartier options that one of our favorite coffee shops offer is the Beef Pastrami and Monterey Jack Cheese on Croissant Baguette. Because it uses a croissant as a bun, the meat really shines as the star and is only highlighted even more by the gooey cheese.

White Chocolate and Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie


Image taken from Wordpress/sunnyyq

It may not take much time to devour the White Chocolate and Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie, but it will surprisingly leave you satisfied. When warmed, the chocolate melts into the dough effortlessly and the cranberry gives a surprising yet subtle tang.

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The Best

Arugula Pasta Salad With Creamy Parmesan


Image taken from Spot.Ph

Sure, you have to put in a little more effort to actually eat Starbucks’ Arugula Pasta Salad with Creamy Parmesan, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Get a perfectly balanced bite of fusilli pasta, olives, capers, arugula and a generous serving of the garlic dressing.

French Butter Croissant 


It might be one of the simpler dishes that Starbucks offers, but the French Butter Croissant is a classic in its own right. The pastry is always on point and the dish is just heavy enough to get you through the middle parts of your work day. And—seriously—go ahead and do yourself a favor by slathering on that extra butter.

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Thank you, Starbucks, for changing the game. 

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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