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Department of Trade and Industry FAQs

What are DTI's requirements for business names?

For DTI, a business name should have a:

  • Dominant portion: A word, group of words or combination of letters and numerals
  • Descriptor: A word or a group of words describing the nature of your business

What are the restrictions on naming a business?

A business name won't be approved if it:

  • Connotes activities or norms that are unlawful, immoral, scandalous or contrary to propriety
  • Has names, words, terms or expressions used to designate, distinguish or suggest the quality of any class of goods, articles, merchandise, products or services
  • Contains terms registered as trade names, trademarks, or business names by any government agency authorized to register names or trademarks
  • Is inimical to the security of the state (ex. ISIS)
  • Is composed purely of a generic word or words
  • Is restricted by law or regulation, or cannot be appropriated
  • Is officially used by the government in its non-proprietary functions
  • Has names or abbreviations of any nation, or intergovernmental or international organization unless authorized by a competent authority of that nation or organization (ex. UNESCO Enterprises, ISO Quality Management Consulting Services)
  • Is a name ordered or declared by administrative agencies/bodies or the court not to be registered
  • Has names of other persons
  • Has names that are deceptive, misleading or misrepresenting the nature of the business

Can I use the word “company”, “corporation”, “incorporated” or “cooperative” in my business name?

SEC-registered partnerships and corporations can use "Company", "Corporation" or "Incorporated as part of their business name.

The word "Cooperative" can be in the business name if the company is registered with the CDA.

What's the difference between a business name and a brand name?

A business name is primarily used on legal documents, including receipts and contracts.

A brand name identifies your line of products/services, and is used to market and sell your products/services to the general public.

Can my business name be different from my brand name?

Yes, your business name can be different from your brand name. Only the business name is registered with the DTI. If you want to secure your brand name, you may apply for it to be trademarked at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

How long does it take to register a business name?

You can get your DTI Certificate of Registration on the same day, provided your business name is cleared. That's why it's advisable to prepare at least 3 alternatives, just in case your original business name is already taken or is disapproved by the processor.

Are all applications done online only? Can I still do manual application?

Manual applications are still accepted at DTI offices or Negosyo Centers. Just bring 1 valid government-issued ID and fill out the necessary forms, which you can also get in the office.

Do I need to register with a DTI office or Negosyo Center within the same city/municipality as my business address?

No, you can register with any DTI office or Negosyo Center.

Do I need to personally and physically register with DTI?

You can ask a representative to register for you. He/she just needs to bring a valid ID and an authorization letter from you (the owner) together with all the requirements.

How much is the DTI registration fee?

The fee depends on the scope of your business.

  • Barangay: P200
  • City/Municipality: P500
  • Regional: P1,000
  • National: P2,000

An additional P30 is charged for the documentary stamp tax.

How much is the renewal fee?

The renewal fee is the same as the registration fee.

How much is the penalty for late renewal?

The surcharge amounts to 50% of the renewal fee.

How long is my business name registration valid?

Your business name is valid for 5 years from the date of registration.

When should I renew my business name registration?

You can renew your registration within these periods:

  • Early filing: 180 calendar days before the expiration date
  • Regular filing: Within 90 days immediately following the expiration date
  • Late filing: Within 90 days after the deadline of the regular filing, subject to payment of a surcharge

If you don't renew within the grace period, your DTI Certificate of Registration will be cancelled and you'll have to register again.

If I transfer ownership of my business, does the new owner have to register with DTI again even if the existing business name registration is still within the validity period?

Yes, transfer of ownership will require a new registration.

Can I change registration information within the validity period of my business name registration?

Yes, changes in information related to registration is allowed, but you'll have to submit additional documents and pay a fee to DTI.

Can I change registration information during the renewal of my business name registration?

Yes, you can update the following upon renewal of your business name registration:

  • Territorial scope
  • Business address
  • Civil status
  • Middle and last name (maiden name to married name)
  • Email address
  • Contact Number
  • Residence Address

Can I cancel my business name registration?

Yes, you can do this if you stopped operating your business, sold the business to another person, transferred to another location beyond the original territorial scope, or there's another business with a confusingly similar name.

To cancel your registration, you only need to go to any DTI office.

How can I request a certified true copy of my DTI Certificate of Registration?

To request a certified true copy of your DTI Certificate of Registration, go to any DTI office, submit the Other Business Name (BN)-Related Application Form and pay the prescribed fee. Don't forget to bring a valid government-issued ID.

Can the public access information about my business name registration?

The public can access the following information:

  • Approved business name
  • Territorial scope
  • Business name owner
  • Validity period
  • Registration Number

Other information can only be requested with a written consent from the owner or when subpoenaed by the court.