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Downloads FAQs

What is the download service provided by Globe?

Globe's download service lets you avail of various content, products and features that you can use together with your mobile phone.

What are the types of products that I can download?

Globe is offering a hundreds of downloadable items that will cater to your varying interests. Some of the products that can be availed are:

  • Music (Fulltrack, Truetones, Soundclips)
  • Tones (Ringback and Polytones
  • Games
  • Images (Movie and TV images, Wallpapers, Logos, Animated GIFs)
  • Themes
  • Videos
  • Applications (entertainment and games)
  • Messaging Applications
  • Social Media Applications

How can I download any of these products?

You may visit or to see the full list of products that you can download under these categories.

How can I deactivate my ringback tone subscription?

Simply text STOP to 2916 for your subscription to be deactivated.