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GCash Auto-enrollment FAQ - Globe

Globe Initiates GCash Auto-enrollment

I received a text about Globe initiating the pre-registration of a GCash account for me. What’s this about?

We’d like to help you safely transact at home through GCash - a free, convenient and contactless payment option. With your consent, we’d like to create your free account to save you the hassle of having to retype all the details you’ve already provided before. Your free GCash account will enjoy a "Fully Verified" status for 90 days so you can enjoy the following transactions:

- Pay Bills

- Buy Load 

- Pay QR (Scan to Pay)

- Purchase a GCash Mastercard 

- AMEX Virtual Pay 

- Cash in and Cash out through GCash Partner Outlets (Pending site update)

- Online Payments 

- Book Movies 

- GForest 

- Send Money (Express Send, Personalized Send, Ang Pao, Request Money)

- POS Transactions 

- Link a GCash Mastercard 

- GSave 

- GCredit Lite 

When will my new account be created?

After your agreement to the terms and conditions, we will process the creation of your account within the next 30 days. Once created, you’ll get a text message to download the app and the blank fields in your account will be pre-populated upon registration. 

Will I need to provide more information once I log into my pre-registered account?

You’ll need to provide additional information upon logging in but this will be very minimal. Once provided, your free GCash account will enjoy a “Fully Verified” status for 90 days. To continue enjoying this status, you’ll be required to complete your GCash information in the app.

After 90 days, your account status will go from “Fully Verified” to “Basic” if the GCash information isn’t completed.

Will I continue to enjoy this “Fully Verified” status after 90 days?

If left uncompleted, your status will revert to “Basic” after 90 days.

To continue enjoying your “Fully Verified” status, you'll need to complete your GCash account information. To know what you need to complete, you may visit

How much do I need to cash in as soon as my GCash account is created?

Don't worry, there's no required maintaining balance.      

Can I have two GCash accounts for one mobile number?

There can only be one GCash account per mobile number.

I already have a GCash account under my name on my other number. Why did I still receive this notification?

You received this GCash registration text so that this mobile number may be enrolled in a GCash account, hassle-free. If you want to stick with your existing GCash account, you won’t need to do anything. You’ll continue to enjoy your existing GCash account. Make sure your account is fully verified to enjoy all the perks!

The mobile number is being used by a family member, can you pre-register their details instead?

Yes, this is possible! When you log in to the pre-registered account,  you may edit the existing information to reflect the actual user’s details. 

Will my GCash account be automatically linked to my GlobeOne/Globe At Home app?

You would still need to link your GCash account to the GlobeOne and Globe At Home apps.  

What will happen if I register to GCash on my own before receiving the notification for the pre-registered account?

You can register to GCash any time but you’ll need to go through the normal process to get fully verified. As an effect, we will no longer be able to  grant you the temporary 90-day “Fully Verified” status that our pre-registration offer comes with.