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GlobeOne FAQ - Globe

What is the GlobeOne app?

The GlobeOne is your new digital companion and the primary app to manage your accounts.
For now, there’s no web version of GlobeOne. We’ll soon notify if you can access the app using your laptop or desktop

How to download?

You may download the GlobeOne via App Store, Play store or Huawei App Galley or click here. For phone versions, you can use iOS 14.0 and above and 5.0 and above for Android. Huawei users can download the app in App Gallery with no minimum version requirements.

Is it for free?

You can use the app for free without data charges for the majority of transactions such as account registration, view data usage, view bills etc. For purchases and bills payment, data charges may apply but we assure you that the app uses minimum data only.

Why are there frequent app updates?

Frequent app updates are triggered to ensure that you have the best GlobeOne app experience. This is also to improve functionality features while addressing existing issues, such as bugs and crashes