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Easy Roam 149

What is Globe's Easy Roam 149?

Easy Roam 149 is a data roaming promo that allows you to enjoy as much as 10% savings on your roaming expense.

With Easy Roam 149, you get 5 days of unlimited data roaming equivalent to P1,995 - that’s 5 days of regular Roam Surf at P399 - which you can pay in installment over a period of 12 months at P149/month only, charged to your postpaid bill.

Use all 5 days at once in a single trip or apportion them over several trips in one year from the start date of your subscription.

How do I avail of Easy Roam 149?

To register to Easy Roam 149, simply text EASY ROAM 149 ON to 8080.

You can also subscribe via the GlobeOne app at , choose Buy Promos from the dashboard and select the section for roaming promos.

Who can avail of Easy Roam 149?

Easy Roam 149 is available to all Globe Postpaid and Platinum customers on consumer plans.

It’s also open to our Globe myBusiness and Globe Business clients.

Where can I use Easy Roam 149?

Easy Roam is available in over 120 countries around the world, wherever there is a Roam Surf partner network.Please note that any data roaming usage outside of these partner operators are not included in the Easy Roam subscription.

How does Easy Roam 149 work?

Prior to your departure, ensure that a roaming operator in your country of destination is included in our list of Easy Roam partners.

Assuming you've already subscribed, simply turn on your mobile data and data roaming upon your arrival. If you haven't used up all the 5 days in your Easy Roam subscription -  example, you have 3 days left - your data roaming use will still be charged against Easy Roam.

Plus, each time you're about to use Easy Roam,  you'll receive a text notification which includes the remaining days of your subscription.

You can view the status of your Easy Roam promo and the remaining days left by following these steps

a) Dial *143# and choose Roaming & Intl, choose 1 for Roaming, then 3 for Data Promos, then 7 for Easy Roam and 3 for Check Status.

b) Text EASY ROAM 149 STATUS to 8080

What happens if I used up all the 5 days before the end of the one-year validity period?

Once the 5-day allowance of your existing Easy Roam is used up, all succeeding 24-hour data roaming sessions will be charged with the regular Roam Surf rate of P399.

Can I enroll in another Easy Roam 149 after I use up all the 5 days in my existing subscription? I’m only in my third monthly installment.

No, you must complete all 12 monthly installments before you can enroll in another Easy Roam subscription.

You may opt to terminate your existing Easy Roam subscription by paying the early termination fee in one go, equivalent to the unpaid installment amounts.

Example: After paying for the first 3 months of Easy Roam, you decided to pre-terminate your Easy Roam subscription. The early termination fee to be charged to your bill is P149 x 9 months remaining = P1,341 plus pro-rated fees.

You can request for early termination using these steps:

a. Via GlobeOne: Go to the Roaming page and tap the pre-termination button that will appear once you’ve already consumed your 5-day allocation.

b. Text EASY ROAM 149 OFF to 8080

c. Call the Roaming hotline at +63277301212 to request for pre-termination.

I'm now using the first day of my Easy Roam subscription here in Hong Kong but I'll be moving to Macau within the same 24-hour period. Will I use up another day's allowance upon turning on my data roaming in Macau?

Good news! Easy Roam now supports cross-country travels which means Easy Roam days will only be activated once within a 24-hour period and you can now enjoy all-day data roaming as you travel to multiple Roam Surf-partner countries, with no extra charges as long as you are within the 24-hour validity period.

Will I still be able to use my remaining Easy Roam 149 allowance even if my one-year subscription has already expired?

No. The 5-days data roaming allowance must be used up within the one-year validity of your Easy Roam subscription.

Will I still be able to use my Easy Roam subscription if my postpaid account is disconnected? Will my Easy Roam subscription be forfeited? I've not been able to pay my postpaid bill these last 3 months.

If all your outgoing calls, texts, and mobile data have been temporarily suspended, you won't be able to use data roaming abroad so you won't be able to use any Easy Roam allocation either. Once you’re able to pay, your account gets reconnected, and your Easy Roam subscription is still valid, you should be able to use any remaining allowance.