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Roam All Net 99 GCash-Exclusive Roaming Promo - Globe Help & Support

Roam ALL NET 99

What is Roam ALL NET 99?

Roam ALL NET 99 is a GCash-exclusive roaming promo offer available to Globe Prepaid customers!

  • 30 minutes of incoming and outgoing calls
  • 30 texts to all networks
  • Valid for 24 hours for only P99

How do I register to Roam ALL NET 99?

  • Open the GCash app and log in using MPIN.
  • Tap on the Buy Load icon and go to the "Only in GCash" or "Roaming & Intl" promo tabs.
  • Choose Roam ALL NET and click "Next" to confirm the purchase.
  • Once confirmed, you will receive an SMS from 8080.

No GCash yet? Download the GCash app for free  from Play Store or App Store and Register!

Can Roam ALL NET 99 co-exist with other roaming promos?

Yes, Roam ALL NET 99 can co-exist with any prepaid data roaming promo. However, it cannot co-exist with Prepaid Roam Super Saver.

I don't have a GCash account. Can I ask someone to register on my behalf?

Yes, you can ask any GCash account holder to avail of the promo for you.

How many times can I avail of the promo?

You can only have one Roam ALL NET subscription at a time. Once the promo has expired or has been used up (whichever comes first), you can register again.

How will I know if my promo has expired?

You will receive a notification via text once the promo has expired.

Can I still use my unused minutes and texts from my Roam ALL NET 99 after it expires?

Sorry, but your unused minutes and texts will be forfeited after the promo ends.

What happens if I make or receive a call, and go beyond the 30-minute allocation of the promo?

Once you have consumed the allocated minutes of calls, regular roaming charges will be applied to your succeeding calls.

Zone 1: Asia and America

Outgoing Call: P120/min

Incoming Call: P60/min

Zone 2: Europe and Africa

Outgoing Call: P150/min

Incoming Call: P75/min

What happens if I go beyond the 30-text allocation?

Once you have consumed the allocated texts, regular roaming charges will be applied to your succeeding texts.

Zone 1: Asia and America

Send Text: P20/160-character text

Zone 2: Europe and Africa

Send Text: P25/160-character text

Can I use the allocation of 30 minutes of calls to receive incoming calls and not get charged with the regular roaming rate?

Yes, your allocation of 30 minutes for calls can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls. You don't get charged with regular roaming rates as long as usage is within 24 hours promo validity and the call allocation.

What if I send a long text message while I'm on Roam ALL NET 99? Does it still count as one text?

One text message is equivalent to 160 characters. Even if you only sent one message (as a whole), it will be counted as another text if the message exceeds 160 characters.

Will the promo expire if I haven't used up my 30 minutes of calls but I have already used up my 30 texts?

No. You can still use up your remaining minutes for calls as long as it’s within the 24-hour promo validity.