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Roam Surf 399 | Help & Support | Globe

Roam Surf 399

What is Roam Surf 399 and who can avail it?

Until further advice, postpaid customers on roaming in selected countries can enjoy all-day data roaming at P399/24 hours.

All Globe Postpaid, Globe myBusiness and Globe Business Plans with pre-activated roaming service can subscribe to Roam Surf 399 except for Load Tipid and myStarter Plan customers. 

Roam Surf 399 is covered by Globe’s Fair Use policy for data promos.

How do I start using Roam Surf 399 if I'm a Globe Postpaid customer?

When you arrive in these partner countries, just turn on your mobile data and data roaming and it will take effect as soon as you start surfing on any of the specified operators. There's no need for you to register.

You’ll know it’s active because you'll receive a total of three alerts:

  • A notification upon your first data usage to signal the start of the 24-hour duration.
  • Another notification 3 hours before your Roam Surf ends.
  • A final notification that your 24 hours of validity has ended.

How will I be charged for Roam Surf 399?

All Globe Postpaid customers in Roam Surf 399 partner countries can enjoy the flat rate of P399, good for 24 hours, until further notice.

Will Roam Surf 399 be charged within or on top of my consumables?

Like other roaming services, Roam Surf 399 is charged on top of consumables, except for selected Platinum plans with consumable roaming. Once the roaming consumables are all used, the Roam Surf 399 will be charged on top of the bill.

How will I be charged if I travel to two countries with this service within 24 hours?

Good news! Roam Surf 399 now supports cross-country travels which means that it will only be charged once within a 24-hour period and you can now enjoy all-day data roaming as you travel to multiple Roam Surf-partner countries, with no extra charges as long as you are within the 24-hour validity period.

If customers travel and use data roaming in another country where the Roam Surf 399 promo isn't available, he/she won't be able to use data roaming.

Can I avail of Roam Surf 399 multiple times even if my subscription is still active?

No. Since you already get to enjoy all-day service for your Roam Surf 399, you need to wait for your current subscription to expire before you can register again. 

When does Roam Surf 399 expire?

Your subscription will expire 24 hours after you receive the confirmation message. That means if you turn on your mobile data at 9:00 p.m., your subscription will end at 8:59 p.m. the following day. No need to worry about your subscription ending at 12 midnight on the same day.

What if I have an Easy Roam subscription and I travel abroad?

Once you’re abroad and you have remaining days left on your Easy Roam subscription, then your data roaming will be covered by Easy Roam until you have used it all up.

Once your Easy Roam has been exhausted and you kept your data on, you’ll then be charged the Roam Surf 399 rate.

What happens to my Roam Surf 399 subscription if I lose my roaming service due to other causes?

In case your roaming service is lost, the Roam Surf subscription shall also be terminated regardless of whether the subscription has been completely consumed or not.

What happens to my Roam Surf if I come back to the Philippines before the validity period is over?

Local data charges will apply upon your return to the Philippines.