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Roam Surf Longer Stay Prepaid Promos - Globe Help & Support

Roam Surf Longer Stay Prepaid Promos

What are these new Roam Surf offers for Globe Prepaid customers?

Roam Surf Longer Stay data packs allow you to enjoy data roaming access to your favorite apps or enjoy a complete digital experience even while abroad! Your internet access is not limited to just liking and sharing, you can also enjoy music, video streaming and even file sharing as long as your offer is still valid.

The new Roam Surf Longer Stay offers are the following:

VariantAllocationValidityPriceRegistration Channel
Roam Surf 9993GB3 days or 72 hoursP999*143# or via the GlobeOne app
Roam Surf 15995GB5 days or 120 hoursP1,599*143# or via the GlobeOne app
Roam Surf 21997GB7 days or 168 hoursP2,199*143# or via the GlobeOne app

Can I avail of other promos when I’m subscribed to Roam Surf Longer Stay?

You can only use one Roam Surf Longer Stay promo at a time. If you have an active subscription, your next promo will only be activated once your Roam Surf Longer Stay promo has expired or has been exhausted.

Do I need to set anything up on my mobile to be able to use Roam Surf 399?

Yes. Make sure the following are set on your mobile:

  • Data roaming is ON
  • Access Point Name (APN) is set to
  • Mobile network should be set to 3G or LTE

Once done, restart your phone after successful registration.

Can I subscribe to a data roaming promo while still in the Philippines?

Yes, you can pre-register to your preferred data roaming promo 3 days before your trip. The promo fee will only be deducted once you're detected to be roaming so please ensure that you have sufficient load balance.

If not activated within 3 days, the pre-registered promo will be cancelled. There will be no load deductions, but you will need to register again.

What if I subscribe to Roam Surf Longer Stay in a participating country and move to another country that doesn’t offer the promo before the expiry of my subscription?

If you move to a non-Roam Surf Longer Stay country while your subscription is still valid, your data roaming access will no longer be available. Any unused subscription will also be forfeited.

I was automatically connected to a roaming partner, but I cannot use data roaming. I already incurred load deduction. What’s wrong?

Make sure you’re connected to the specified Globe Prepaid Roam Surf Longer Stay partners to be able to enjoy the data roaming promo. In case you’re not connected to the assigned network, you can go to your phone’s settings and choose the preferred network via manual selection.

What happens if I travel to two countries with this service within 24 hours?

Roam Surf offers for Globe prepaid customers are not destination-specific. This means that if you use your data roaming in two destinations where the service is available (ex. Hong Kong and Macau), you will be able to use the promo as long as you have remaining MBs or still within the promo validity.

Will I be charged pay-per-use rates if I use data roaming abroad?

No. No data roaming promo, no data browsing.