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Programs on Viu and Video Quality

When will the programs be updated?

New Korean/Japanese drama series and popular variety shows are available from as fast as 8hours after its original telecast for Viu Premium members. Registered Viu Basic members will be able to access the content 72 hours after Viu Premium members.

What are the video resolutions available?

Viu Basic members may watch videos at Standard Definition (480p). On the other hand, Viu Premium members may watch videos at High Definition (1080p).

How do I choose the video resolution?

When you are watching the video on the desktop screen, move the mouse cursor the the button with three rectangles at the bottom of the screen and select the resolution from the options shown.

When you are watching the video in the Viu app, go to the top right corner of the screen, tap on the menu button, and select the desired resolution from the options given.

Do I have to be online to watch the programs?

No. If you’re using the Viu app, you can download the videos for offline viewing. In order to do that, you have to register for free as a Viu member (1 download per device) or subscribe as a Viu Premium member (unlimited downloads).

How do I download videos?

Click on the [+] on the video thumbnail or while your video is playing, click on the [+] icon on the top right hand corner and select “Download.”

How can I bookmark the videos?

While watching the video on desktop, click on the “Bookmark” button under the video.

While watching the video on the Viu app, click on the [+] icon on the top right hand corner when the video is playing and select “Bookmark.”

Why is the quality of the videos so bad?

The display quality of the video may vary from device to device and may be affected by variety of factors, such as your location, the bandwidth available and/or speed of your internet connection. The minimum recommended download speed for Standard Definition quality is 1Mbps while Full HD is 3 Mbps.


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