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Viu Premium

Do I have to pay to use Viu Premium?

Yes, Viu Premium is a paid service. With Viu Premium, you can enjoy a range of exclusive privileges. You may see the details of Viu Premium at

Some benefits to Viu Premium include complete access to premium content from Korea, Japan, HongKong and China with minimal exposure to ads. This includes access to 150 Asian movies. You can also download unlimited series for offline streaming, watch the latest shows only up to 8 hours after original telecast, and watch episodes at High Definition (HD) or on your TV.

What subscription options are available?

If you sign up through the website at (, it costs P129 per month. If you signup through the Viu App, you get 7 days free and then pay P129/month for every succeeding month after your free trial. If you sign up through SMS, you can get Viu Premium for P99 for 30days. The P99 will be charged to your Globe Bill if you are a Globe Postpaid customer and will  NOT be auto-renewed in the next billing cycle. On the other hand, the P99 will be charged to your prepaid load if you are a Globe Prepaid, TM, or Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi customer.

How will I be billed?

If you signed up through the App Store/Google Play you will be billed via the credit card which istied to your Apple ID/Google Play Account on a monthly-recurring basis.

If you’re a Globe Postpaid customer, you will be charged P99 for your Viu Premium subscriptionon top of your monthly bill.

If you’re a Globe Prepaid/TM or Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi customer, you will be charged P99 for your Viu premium subscription as a deduction on your load.

If you’re a Globe Postpaid customer, after your free 6-month trial of Viu Premium has expired, you will be charged P99 for your Viu Premium subscription on top of your monthly bill. After the 6 months of free Viu Premium, you may text VIU STOP to 8080 to stop your subscription. Otherwise, you will be still subscribed to Viu Premium and will incur additional charges in your bill.

If I cancel my subscription before it renews, will I still be charged for the full month?

Yes, Viu does not have a refund or pro-rated policy as the billing cycles goes on a monthly basis. As long as you cancel before the billing date, you can continue to enjoy Viu Premium till that date and will not be charged for the subsequent month.

Note: Uninstalling an app will not automatically stop your subscription. You must cancel your subscription via the App Store/Google Play or text VIU STOP to 8080 24 hours before the billing date. Billing date means the same calendar which your paid Premium Viu membership began. If you uninstall the app without cancelling our subscription, you will still be charged.

Why am I paying for Premium and still exposed to video ads?

With Viu Premium, there is limited exposure to ads. You are only exposed to 1 video ad before each episode while Viu Basic users are subjected to more ads (ie. One before each episode, in the middle of each episode and at the end of each episode)

Is there a student discount?

Unfortunately, there is no student discount at the moment. Stay tuned for promotions in the future!

Can my account be shared?

For Viu Premium users, you can log in to 3 mobile devices and 1 PC at the same time.

Will I get any refund if the Viu Premium service fails on me?

Unfortunately, Viu does not have any refund policy. But rest assured that we will do our best to resolve any technical issues as soon as we can. If you encounter any issues, kindly contact Viu at [email protected]. For connection issues, you may contact Globe at (02) 730-1000. For Globe Postpaid customers, you may also contact Gie of Globe any day from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on FB Messenger at

I don’t use my Viu Premium subscription frequently. Can I pause it or get any refund for partial-month membership?

Unfortunately, Viu doesn’t allow any pausing of subscription, nor do they have any refund policy for unwatched videos or partial-month membership.

I am a Viu Premium member. Why can’t I project the videos from my mobile devices to TV to watch?

Due to licensing rights, the feature that you chose may not be available for selected tiles. However, if you are unable to watch on TV, you may update your Google Play Services or your device software to iOS 9.0 and above for it to work.


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