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Gadget Xchange - Globe Help & Support

Gadget Xchange FAQs

What is Gadget Xchange?

Gadget Xchange is the new device protection program for Globe Postpaid that lets you switch or replace your device, no questions asked.

By “no questions asked”, this means that we won’t be asking for any documentation, such as police reports and affidavit of loss, upon claim for device switch or replacement.

You may avail of the following services with Gadget Xchange:

  • Device switch
  • Device replacement
  • Screen replacement

Gadget Xchange is available to new Globe Postpaid and Platinum customers and those qualified for plan renewal.

Gadget Xchange is available in all Globe stores nationwide and the Globe Online store.

  • Monthly fees are dependent on the device price range. Service fees are paid before processing a claim, on a per-claim basis.

Device Price Range

Gadget Xchange Monthly Fees

Service Fees



Screen Replacement

PHP 0- 7,500

PHP 89

PHP 750

PHP 2,200


PHP 7501 - 20,000

PHP 199

PHP 1,500

PHP 5,000

PHP 20,001 - 30,000

PHP 339

PHP 3,000

PHP 9,000

PHP 30,001 - 60,000

PHP 499

PHP 4,000

PHP 16,000

PHP 60,001- and up

PHP 499

PHP 4,000

PHP 28.000

Samsung Flip

PHP 499

PHP 4,000

PHP 18.000

Samsung Fold

PHP 499

PHP 4,000

PHP 33,000

  • Note that the service fees are to be paid to Bolttech on a per-claim basis, not monthly. Bolttech is our device protection program partner for Gadget Xchange.

Only one device is covered under Gadget Xchange per Globe Postpaid account.

Lastly, Gadget Xchange is not considered insurance, therefore, standard insurance policies do not apply. This allows us to provide device switch and replacement without the need for any documentation.

How long is the coverage period of Gadget Xchange?

Each customer is only entitled to subscribe to the program for a maximum period of 48 months. This means that a device can be covered by Gadget Xchange for up to 48 months. After 48 months in the program, customers will automatically be opted out.

How can I apply for claims?

You may apply for claims at which is managed by Bolttech. Payment of service fees will also be done through this website.

How can I cancel my Gadget Xchange subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime via the following:

  • Text keyword: GEX (monthly fee) 24 OFF
  • Globe store
  • Gadget Xchange call center ℅ Bolttech

Take note that, once opted out:

  • The monthly fee will not be prorated (no refunds), and therefore, will still be billed for the whole month
  • You’ll no longer be able to file a claim starting the next billing period.
  • You may no longer re-enroll your device in Gadget Xchange

Can I apply for Gadget Xchange again if I previously canceled my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, you’re not allowed to apply again using the same account and/or device.

Will I be receiving a brand new device when I file for a device switch/replacement?

Our replacement devices are refurbished or good-as-new. Rest assured, these replacement devices are of good quality and are covered by a 12-month warranty from Bolttech.

What payment methods do you accept for monthly and service fees?

You can pay for your fees using these methods:

  • Monthly fee: Charge to bill
  • Service fee: Credit cards, bank transfer, GCash. Service fees are paid to Bolttech, our program partner upon filing a claim.

Can I avail of Gadget Xchange if I am an existing customer within contract?

Gadget Xchange is currently only available to new customers and those due for plan renewal. However, please stay tuned as we will be enhancing our service and offering it to more customers soon.