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UnliTxt All Day

What is UnliTxt All Day?

With UnliTxt All Day, you can send UNLIMITED text messages to Globe and TM customers! There are three variants available:

Enjoy unlimited text messaging for 1 day for only P20
Enjoy unlimited text messaging for 2 days for only P40
Enjoy unlimited text messaging for 5 days for only P80

Unlimited texting? Wow! Who can avail of this promo?

All variants of UnliTxt All Day are available to Globe Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

Can I send unlimited texts to TM, too?

Yes, your texts to TM are part of the unlimited texting service.

Great! How can I register to these UnliTxt All Day services?

You can register to the promo's various denominations using these keywords:

For Unlitxt20: Register by texting UNLITXT20 to 8080.

For Unlitxt40: Register by texting UNLITXT40 to 8080.

For Unlitxt80: Register by texting UNLITXT80 to 8080.

For Unlimited Daytime Texting from 8AM to 4:59PM: Register by texting UNLITXTD15 for 1 day or UNLITXTD30 for 2 days to 8080.

For Unlimited Night Shift Texting from 10PM to 7:59AM: Register by texting UNLITXTN10 for 1 day or UNLITXTN20 for 2 days to 8080.

What should be my prepaid minimum balance to subscribe to the service?

There is no minimum balance needed when subscribing. However, you will need to maintain at least P1 to use the service.

If you wish to subscribe via SMS registration, the required balance is as follows:

Prepaid Minimum Balance
P20 for 1 day
P40 for 2 days
P80 for 5 days
UnliTxtdPrepaid Minimum Balance
UNLITXT80Enjoy unlimited text messaging for 5 days for only P80
P15 for 1 day (9 hours) 8am-4:59pmP15.00
P30 for 2days (18 hours ) 8am-4:59pmP30.00
UNLITXT80Enjoy unlimited text messaging for 5 days for only P80
UnliTxtnPrepaid Minimum Balance
P10 for 1 day (10 hours) 10pm-7:59amP10.00
P20 for 2 days (20 hours) 10pm-7:59amP20.00

Do note that the P1 minimum balance should be maintained for you to continuously enjoy the unlimited texting service. If you register but used up your load due to texts to other networks or calls, you will not be able to send messages until you reload at least P1 in your account which will resume your unlimited subscription.

How will I know that my subscription has expired?

You will receive an SMS notification once your subscription expires. Or, if you want, you may check your status by texting STATUS to 8080. This transaction is free of charge.

I still have free SMS in my account, what will happen to them once I subscribe to UnliTxt All Day?

If you're a Prepaid customer, the free SMS in your account will be used if you text customers of other networks. Remember that the Unlimited Texting Service will only cover your texts to Globe and TM.

If you're a Postpaid customer, any free SMS from your plan will be consumed after the expiration of Unlimited Texting service.

I checked my unbilled charges via 2312. Does the breakdown include text messages I sent while registered to UnliTxt?

No. SMS usage from UnliTxt registration is not included in your unbilled charges.

I'm a postpaid customer. Is the registration fee part of my consumable plan?

No, the UnliTxt All Day registration fee is not part of your Postpaid consumable plan. It is charged on top of your plan.

Can I see the actual number of text messages sent while I'm registered to UnliTxt All Day in my billing statement?

No. The actual number of messages sent while registered to UnliTxt All Day will not be reflected in the bill statement. Only the one-time charges will be reflected.

Can I avail of this promo if I am roaming?

Sorry, but this promo is not available if you are roaming.