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Smartphones Bundled with SIM Plus Free Data | Help & Support | Globe

Smartphones Bundled with Globe Prepaid SIM plus Free Data

What is this promo?

Buy any LTE or 5G smartphone bundled with a free Globe Prepaid 5G SIM from any of the authorized dealer and get the following SIM freebies:

  • Welcome Freebie - 2GB for 7 days
  • New GlobeOne Freebie - 2GB for 7 days
  • GCash Freebie - 2GB for 7 days + 10 GCash credits
  • Recurring Freebie - 1GB for 7 days upon an accumulated load of P300 a month. This is available each month for 12 months upon SIM activation.

How do I avail of the SIM freebies?

Just insert the new Globe Prepaid 5G SIM in your new device and do the following:

  • Welcome Freebie: Avail via the New GlobeOne app or by texting FREE to 8080. 
  • New GlobeOne Freebie: You will automatically receive this when you claim the Welcome Freebie via the app. If the Welcome Freebie is claimed via text, you may no longer avail of the New GlobeOne Freebie.
  • GCash Freebie: Get 2GB for 7 days + P10 GCash credits when you register to GCash and buy load or a promo worth P50 and up. You will receive this freebie within 7 days of meeting the requirements.
  • Recurring Freebie: Get 1GB for 7 days when you accumulate a load of P300 in a month.

If I claim the welcome freebie via texting FREE to 8080, do I still get to claim the New GlobeOne freebie?

No, you cannot get the New GlobeOne freebie anymore.

How many times can I avail of the different freebies?

The Welcome, New GlobeOne, and GCash freebies can only be activated once.

How will I know that I can already use the freebie?

You will receive a text once you have fulfilled the mechanics for each freebie.  You can also track your load and data at

Can I avail of these SIM freebies together with other existing promos of Globe?

Yes, you can register to other mobile data promos such as Go+ and avail of other call & text promos while your freebies are active.

How do I track the usage of my active freebies?

All freebie usage can be monitored via the New GlobeOne app. Customers will also receive updates via text when their freebies are about to be fully consumed or about to expire.

What will happen after I used up my freebie or it has expired? Can I still access the internet on my phone?

After your freebie has been consumed or expired, you can still access the internet using your smartphone but your internet access will now be charged a regular browsing rate of P5/15 minutes unless you’re registered to data promos such as GoCreate.

Can I transfer the freebie to another Globe/TM customer instead?

You can only enjoy the freebie using the new Globe Prepaid 5G SIM that was issued with the new smartphone device that you bought. It cannot be transferred to another Globe Prepaid or TM mobile number.