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HomeCourt Promo FAQ - Globe

Important Advisory

HomeCourt Promo offer is no longer available. For more ways to use your points, check Globe Rewards or download the New GlobeOne app for the latest rewards and exciting exclusive deals that you can enjoy!


What is HomeCourt?

HomeCourt is a new way to play and engage in sports activities at home. Powered by advanced AI, it uses the camera on your device to turn sports training into a live action video game, like you're inside the game. As you play you’ll learn proven skills and techniques and get real-time feedback on your performance. HomeCourt captures all your activity and provides a complete picture of how you’re improving over time. You can compete in fun challenges, earn badges, and connect with your friends and teammates. You can even share your progress with coaches and scouts to earn more opportunities.

HomeCourt app is currently available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

With HomeCourt, you can train smarter, develop new skills and showcase your potential.


HomeCourt’s smart AI technology calculates key metrics such as shooting percentage, accuracy, release time, speed, vertical jump and more. You can even use Apple Watch to track your heart rate and save your data to HealthKit.


As you train, HomeCourt captures your performance and provides a skill rating for each activity factoring in elements such as speed, accuracy, and consistency—so you can track both your proficiency and progress.

HomeCourt’s skill ratings gives you a more well-rounded view of your skills, so you know what you need to work on to improve.


As you build your profile and skill ratings on HomeCourt, you can share your progress within your community or even directly with the NBA. Participants who opt-in to NBA Global Scout will be eligible to receive invitations to select NBA tryouts, camps, tournaments, and showcases.

What is Globe’s promo with HomeCourt?

Globe Postpaid and Platinum customers can avail of a free 3-month subscription to HomeCourt.

Is this still available?

Unfortunately, Globe and HomeCourt offer ended last December 31, 2020.

I wish to avail of their offers, where can I check?

You may visit their website at