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ING Promo - Globe Help & Support

Important Advisory

ING Promo offer is no longer available. For more ways to use your points, visit Globe Rewards or download the New GlobeOne app for the latest rewards and exciting exclusive deals for you!


What's the promo about?

Do your thing with your banking needs and receive a P1,000 welcome cash bonus from ING when you download the ING app, open an ING account and deposit P1,000. You also receive additional Rewards points when you use the ING app to pay bills. FREE fund transfers & ATM withdrawals too!

Who is entitled to the promo?

This offer is open to Globe Prepaid, TM, and Postpaid and exclusive to new ING customers only who will receive the promo message.

How long is this promo?

Offer is valid from February 23 to April 8, 2022 only.

How to join?

Download the ING app at the App Store or Google Play or simply click this to join the promo.

When will I receive my P1,000 welcome cash bonus reward?

Expect a notification in your ING app by April 22, 2022. You may check your ING app for your updated account balance.

What kind of transactions will I do to earn Rewards points?

Every 100 pesos that you pay via the ING app will get you 1 Globe Rewards point.

For example, if you paid P1,000 to ING, you will receive 10 Rewards points.

Valid transactions can be in the form of:

  1. Bills payment transactions with any of the pre-enrolled merchants in ING Pay; or
  2. Online or in-store Card transactions with the ING Pay virtual or plastic Visa debit card, Funds transfers, ATM withdrawals, and other transactions with ING Pay that are not aligned with the abovementioned valid transactions are not eligible to earn Globe Rewards Points.

When and where will I receive my bonus Rewards points?

You will receive your bonus Rewards points within 7 working days upon payment in the ING app via text from 4438. Make sure to download the New GlobeOne app to view your Rewards points.

I haven't received a P1000 welcome cash bonus, where do I report?

Please feel free to raise it in the ING in-app live chat for any concern about the cash bonus for this promo.

Where can I use my points?

You can use your points to redeem rewards in the New GlobeOne app. To know more where you can use your points, visit

When will the points expire?

Points earned for this campaign are valid until June 8, 2022.

Is there a limit on the number of transactions?

There's no limit on the number of transactions. You can make use of your ING Pay account for your transactions, how many times you want within the promo period.

Can I receive the Rewards points multiple times?

Yes, you can receive multiple rewards points as long as you continually pay your bills via the ING app during the promo period.

It's been 7 working days already and I haven't received my Rewards points yet?

You can message us on Facebook at

I encountered an error while downloading and registering to the New GlobeOne app?

Make sure your internet connection is stable when downloading the New GlobeOne app. If you are still encountering problems, message us on Facebook at

I'm having difficulties downloading the ING app, where can I report?

If you are having trouble with your ING account, you can send an email to [email protected]

Will all my transactions prior Feb 23, 2022 also earn points?

No, points earned will be based on transactions during the promo period only (February 23, 2022 to April 8, 2022 only).

I want to know more about this promo?

For more information about the offer, visit