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One Promo for Up to Five Roamers

No need for a pocket WiFi and to be near your travel buddies to share connectivity.

Save Through Shareable Costs

Share one data roaming promo for up to five members. Roam for as low as PHP50 per person per day.

Enjoy Your Own Itinerary

No need to be in close proximity with each other to enjoy shareable connectivity. Explore freely and enjoy seamless data connection in over 100+ destinations.

Easily Manage Your Group

Conveniently add or remove members, set data limits, and monitor your usage via GlobeOne.

Roam Surf4All Data Roaming Promos

Activation & Registration

Step 1

Open the GlobeOne app.

Step 2

Click "Buy Promos."

Step 3

Once you select your Brand, click “More Promos Abroad” category to view all Roaming Promos.

Step 4

Under the “Shareable Promos Abroad” category, click your preferred Roam Surf4All promo.

Step 5

Confirm your payment. For Postpaid > Charge to Bill.  For Prepaid > Charge to Load.

Step 6

Once promo details and payment method are confirmed, you can click the “Manage Group” button underneath the receipt.

Step 7

The promo owner can register while in the Philippines or abroad already. Validity of the promo will start once registration is successful. The promo can be used only while abroad.

Member Management

Step 1

The group data owner can add up to four other Globe/TM customers in the group. Simply click “Add Member” in the group data dashboard.

a. You can manually type in the number of the member, or

b. Click the Phonebook icon so you can choose from your device’s contact list.

Step 2

Once added, both Owner and Member will be notified.

Step 3

The Owner and member/s doesn’t need to be within close proximity to each other to enjoy shared connectivity.

Usage Tracking

Step 1

The Owner can conveniently track the overall group data usage, and each members’ usage, while members can view their own usage only via GlobeOne.

Step 2

If the Owner opts out from the group data promo, remaining data GBs from the group promo will be forfeited, and members will no longer have data roaming connectivity. The group data promo is exhausted or is expired: 

a. If Owner/Member is a Postpaid customer, and his data roaming and mobile data are on, Roam Surf 399 will automatically activate

b. If Owner/Member is a Prepaid customer, without an active data roaming promo, he will not be able to do online browsing


How can I register to Roam Surf4All?

You can register to Roam Surf4All on the GlobeOne app. Just click Buy Promos > View All Promos, and choose your preferred Roam Surf4All promo. Click subscribe and select your preferred payment method to confirm. Once subscription is successful, you can start adding members to the group.

Only the mobile number who subscribed to the promo can add or remove members.

How can I add or remove a member in my group?

You can add a maximum of four other Globe Postpaid, Prepaid, or TM numbers in your group. To add a member on GlobeOne, click the usage tracker on your GlobeOne dashboard. Under your plan usage, select Group Data. Click Add Member and enter the mobile number of the member you wish to add. 

Please note that you can’t add a member who’s already a member of another group. 

To remove a member in your group, click the usage tracker on your dashboard. Under your plan usage, select Group Data. You will see a list of all the current members in your group. Click the mobile number of the member you wish to remove, and click Remove to confirm.

I’m a member of a Roam Surf4All group. Can I remove myself from the group?

Yes, members can leave the group. To leave, click the usage tracker on your GlobeOne dashboard. Under your plan usage, select Group Data. Click Leave Group to confirm. 

Once you have left the group, you will no longer be able to access the group’s data and any unused data that was allocated to your number will be returned to the owner of the group.

Should all members be near each other to be able to use the data?

No, there is no limitation on the location of members.