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International Roaming Rates and Activation - Globe

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Roaming is pre-activated except for select plans wherein roaming is not enabled. To ensure your roaming service is activated or for assistance on other roaming concerns, please call the Globe Roaming Hotline at (+632) 7730-1212 (toll-free even while roaming) or talk to Globe on Facebook Messenger.


Roaming activation is automatic. No load amount is required to activate roaming.

Customer Advisory

Read the latest pre-travel reminders and important advisories on all things roaming.


2G & 3G Shutdown Guide

To make way for 4G and 5G expansion, telcos abroad are making the change to phase out 2G and 3G networks. Check out our guide on how you can stay connected.


Postpaid & Prepaid Roaming Guide

Traveling abroad soon? View our quick guide on how to register to promos and where you can reach out to us for assistance.


What is Roam Surf 399 and who can avail it?

Until further advice, postpaid customers on roaming in selected countries can enjoy all-day data roaming at PHP399/24 hours.

All Globe Postpaid, Globe Business and Globe Business Plans with pre-activated roaming service can subscribe to Roam Surf 399 except for Load Tipid and myStarter Plan customers.

Roam Surf 399 is covered by Globe’s Fair Use policy for data promos.

What are these new Roam Surf offers from Globe?

Now, you can stay connected for longer when you travel abroad with these longer-stay Roam Surf offers! With these new offers, you can now enjoy discounted data roaming for extended periods while traveling, for as low as PHP300/day compared to the default daily rate of PHP399/day.

The new Roam Surf offers are the following:

Roam Surf 999 3 GB/3 days or 72 hours PHP999 Via the GlobeOne app
Roam Surf 1599 5 GB/5 days or 120 hours PHP1,599 Via the GlobeOne app
Roam Surf 2199 7 GB/7 days or 168 hours PHP2,199 Via the GlobeOne app
Roam Surf 3999 12 GB/15 days or 360 hours PHP3,999 Text ROAMSURF3999 to 8080
Roam Surf 5999 20 GB/30 days or 720 hours PHP5,999 Text ROAMSURF5999 to 8080

What are these new Roam Surf offers for Globe Prepaid customers?

Roam Surf Longer Stay data packs allow you to enjoy data roaming access to your favorite apps or enjoy a complete digital experience even while abroad! Your internet access is not limited to just liking and sharing, you can also enjoy music, video streaming and even file sharing as long as your offer is still valid.

The new Roam Surf Longer Stay offers are the following:

Roam Surf 999
3GB 3 days or 72 hours
Via the GlobeOne app
Roam Surf 1599 5 GB 5 days or 120 hours
PHP1,599 Via the GlobeOne app
Roam Surf 2199 7 GB 7 days or 168 hours
Via the GlobeOne app

Can I use my Globe Prepaid and TM SIM abroad?

Yes, Globe Prepaid and TM customers will be able to enjoy Globe services even when they are abroad.

Need Help?

For any roaming concerns, you can reach out to us on Facebook Messenger.