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Subscriber’s Declaration - Globe

Subscriber’s Declaration

  1. I hereby confirm that I have voluntarily submitted the foregoing information that is true and correct along with genuine and authentic supporting documents, for the purpose of facilitating my application to the service. 

  2. I hereby further confirm that I applied for and, once my application is approved, that I have voluntarily availed of the plans, products, and/or services chosen by me in this application form as well as the inclusions and special features of such plans, products, and/or services, and that any enrollment I have indicated herein has been knowingly made by me.

  3. I agree that Globe, upon prior notice, has the right to update, upgrade and/or migrate my chosen plan, product, and/or services at any point in time to the latest plan, product and/or services in case of expiry, obsolescence or outdated technology to ensure that I am maximizing the benefits of my postpaid subscription.
  4. I acknowledge and agree to the holding period for the relevant service availed of. If I choose to downgrade my plan, transfer any rights or obligations of my subscription, or pre-terminate or cancel my subscription or get auto-terminated due to porting for non-payment from my previous network within the holding period, then I agree to pay the relevant fees, charges, and penalties imposed by Globe. Further, I acknowledge and agree that any transaction (e.g. Bill Adjustment, Reconnection, Plan Renewal, Change Plan [Upgrade/Downgrade], Plan Construct Modification, Customer Details Modification, Spending Limit Adjustment, Termination Request, Temporary Disconnection, Reset Call Barring, Change Number) within the holding period or renewal made through any channel (e.g. Hotline, GlobeOne, G of Globe) are made by me and fall under my responsibility as the owner/subscriber who has the control and discretion over the account and is, therefore, valid and will be honored by me.

    In the event of pre-termination, I agree to pay the following pre-termination fees (PTF) for the ONEPlan:

    Pretermination Fee=Penalty Fee+Unpaid Monthly Installment+Admin Fee

Penalty fee = Handset Base Price+Modem Fee+Mesh Fee+FTTR Fee-Cashout

Total holding period in months
* Remaining holding period in months


  1. Penalty Fee is the penalty imposed for not completing the holding period specified in the service contract.

  2. Handset Base Price refers to the price of the availed device at the point of plan subscription.

  3. Modem Fee is ₱4,500 for VDSL and GPON Broadband accounts.

  4. Mesh Fee is only applicable to ONEPlan offers with bundled mesh devices.

  5. FTTR Fee refers to relevant fees incurred upon installation of Fiber to the Room (FTTR) service. 

  6. Cashout refers to the amount required from the Subscriber to avail the chosen device at a certain plan.

  7. Unpaid Monthly Installment refers to the portion of the cashout that has not been paid by the Subscriber in case of installment arrangement.

  8. Admin fee refers to the relevant costs incurred by Globe to process the request for plan termination or downgrade.

  9. Once the Pre-Termination Fees are paid by the subscriber, the ownership of the modem and mesh will remain with Globe and not transferred to the subscriber. Upon termination of the account, Globe will collect the device inclusions on any scheduled visit.

  10. Ownership of the modem and mesh or FTTR will only be transferred to the subscriber if they complete the contract period of 24 months.

  1. I am aware of the fees, rates, and charges relevant to the service availed of and I agree to pay the same within the due date. I understand that I will be subject to, and hereby agree and undertake to pay interest and/or penalties for late or non-payment as stated in the Terms and Conditions. 

  2. All devices purchased through Globe postpaid will be subject to the warranty terms and conditions of the device manufacturer beyond Globe’s seven-day replacement policy. Any liabilities related to the device shall be borne and handled by the device manufacturer. 

  3. I acknowledge that the Device (e.g., handset, modem, etc.) provided by Globe Telecom, Inc. (“Globe”) for my subscription remains to be owned by Globe until such time that my subscription is out of lock-up/holding period and fully paid. Unlocking of Globe-issued devices is subject to business policies

  4. I am aware that my plan has a default Spending Limit, which is the amount that I can spend for services outside my plan within a specific billing period. When I reach this amount, my outgoing services (calls, texts, data) may be disabled to help me manage my spending. I am aware that I can change the Spending Limit amount by raising a request through any of the Globe official channels, such as online via the GlobeOne app or web, social via Facebook Messenger (Gie), or the Globe Stores, subject to the approval of Globe, under existing criteria, terms and conditions. I acknowledge that Globe reserves the sole right to review the criteria for the increase or decrease of the Spending Limit and revise the Spending Limit, criteria, terms andconditions. 

  5. I acknowledge that if I avail of the postpaid plan with GCash, I shall be responsible for creating the GCash account immediately within the period of time provided by Globe upon issuance of my mobile number and upon its plan activation. Only through my GCash registration in the said mobile number where the plan is activated that the GCash amount in my postpaid plan with GCash may be availed. I further understand that the GCash account to be created must be based on the mobile number of my availed postpaid plan with GCash. No other mobile number, whether in my name or not, may be used for the GCash registration for the purpose of availing the GCash included in my postpaid plan with GCash. Failure to create my GCash account within the period stated may mean forfeiture of the GCash amount that comes with my availed postpaid plan with GCash. In case I already successfully created my GCash account but still failed to receive the GCash amount, I may file a concern in GlobeOne Help & Support and a GCash representative will address the issue within 3-5 business days. 

  6. In case of plan renewal to a postpaid plan with GCash, I acknowledge that I shall be responsible for ensuring that my mobile number for plan renewal has a working GCash account that I own. I understand that the active GCash account must be based on the GCash, I shall be responsible to fix the same with GCash before I can proceed with plan renewal.

  7. Globe and GCash reserve the right to claw back the GCash amount seeded to the subscriber in the event of fraud or scam (e.g., using fictitious identity or misrepresentation for the sole purpose of taking advantage of the GCash amount) based on Globe/GCash’ sole determination or in case of erroneous seeding of the amount to the wrong recipient.

  8. I understand that if I request for number porting, approval is subject to Globe’s business policies as well as the clearance from my existing network/brand and the MNP law. Once ported, all existing services related to my mobile number will no longer be available and will not be refunded. If I fail to settle any final outstanding obligation within sixty (60) days after porting from the other network, my ported number to Globe will be automatically terminated, the number will be returned to my originating network and the ability to reactivate my ported number with Globe will not be possible. 

    Once ported out from Globe or ported in to Globe Postpaid, all existing services related to my Globe mobile number, including my AMAX/retailer commercial load, will no longer be available and will not be refunded. As such, I agree to deplete first the AMAX/retailer balance or transfer it to another Globe AMAX/retailer SIM to avoid forfeiture.

    I acknowledge that Globe’s roaming rates shall apply when I use voice, text and data services while abroad. Once ported to Globe Postpaid, the use of a data roaming promo shall be automatically charged at a fixed rate of PHP399/day or PHP499/day, depending on my current location, after I activate the data roaming and mobile data services. As such, I agree that I shall check first the availability of Roam Surf promos provided by the partner network abroad and that I have the option to subscribe to the relevant Roam Surf promos before enabling the data roaming and mobile data services.

  9. I affirm that I have informed and/or obtained the consent of other individuals whose personal data I may have shared in this application form. 

  10. I have read and fully understood the Globe Privacy Policy.

  11. I understand and agree that any personal information provided as part of the Service application will also be used for SIM Registration and will be processed in accordance with the SIM Registration Act, the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and the Privacy Policy of Globe.
  12. I have read and fully understood the terms of the Privacy Notice provided in this plan, product and/or service application.

  13. I have read and fully understood my rights as a data subject.

  14. I affirm that any and all consents I may provide in this application regarding the processing and disclosure of my personal data is freely given and is a result of my complete understanding of its implications.

  15. I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of our Subscription Agreement and that I shall strictly comply and abide by these terms and conditions and any future amendments thereto. I hereby hold Globe, its subsidiaries and affiliates, employees, directors and agents free and harmless from any costs, losses, liabilities, suits or damages as a result of my fault, negligence, misconduct, act, omission or any breach or non-compliance with the terms and conditions and the applicable Mobile Number Portability (MNP) laws and regulations.