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#PORTRAITS 2 | #MakeBigMoves with Saab Magalona-Baccaro

“Sharing my experiences with the world, things that are so deeply personal—that’s always been my life since I started blogging when I was 15,” shares 30-year-old digital content creator Saab Magalona-Bacarro. Through her lifestyle blog, she talks about a diverse range of stories—from beauty and fashion to travel and music. But her story has changed quite a bit in February 2018 when she became a mom.

It was in September 2017 when Saab and her husband (and fellow Cheats band member) Jim Bacarro revealed that they were expecting twins—a girl and a boy. But 30 weeks into her pregnancy, Saab gave birth prematurely. Sadly, only her son Pancho survived. “It’s a sadness I can physically feel,” she said talking about losing Pancho’s twin sister. “It’s one of those stories that aren’t easy to tell.”

During difficult days, Saab found unexpected relief with Wake Up With Jim and Saab, a podcast she started with her husband where they share stuff they learn with other new parents. Looking back at what she had gone through, Saab realized how much it helps to be with people who give you strength. “It’s never easy to get past something painful,” she said. But with good company, “each day becomes another beautiful story to tell.”

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