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Voice Over WiFi (VoWiFi) Call - Globe

Look Forward to Quality Calls

VoWiFi Call is an innovation that lets you make calls from indoor areas where cellular signal may not always be strong.  It allows you to use a WiFi connection so that you can enjoy quality indoor signal.

No app is needed to use VoWiFi Call. Once “WiFi Calling” is activated on your phone settings, you can start using VoWiFi Call.

VoWiFi Calls are billed just like any regular voice call. There are no additional charges.

VoWiFi Call - Boosted Indoor Signal

Boosted Indoor Signal

Experience quick call set-up with strong signal.

VoWiFi Call - HD Call Quality

HD Call Quality

Enjoy clear calls for great conversations.

VoWiFi Call - No App Required

No App Required

Just turn on WiFi Calling and start making calls.

VoWiFi Call Quick & Easy Set-up

Check If You Have a VoWiFi-Capable Device

To enjoy VoWiFi Call, you need to check if your device is VoWiFi-capable.

Activate VoWiFi Call

You don’t need an app and there are no additional charges to activate VoWiFi on your device. Simply connect to WiFi and follow these steps.


What are the advantages or benefits of VoLTE/VoWiFi?

With VoLTE or VoWiFi,

  • Your calls sound clear
  • Your calls connect fast
  • Your phone has long battery life
  • You can use calls and data at the same time
  • VoWiFi can help alleviate indoor coverage problems

How will I know if I'm connected to VoWiFi Call?

  • On Android phones, you should be able to see the VoWiFi icon beside your WiFi signal bar.
  • On iPhones, you should be able to see VoWiFi beside the Globe signal when you swipe down from the top, and in your lock screen.

Will there be additional charges if I use VoWiFi Call?

Activation is free and we won't be charging additional fees for VoWiFi Call. These calls will be charged just like a regular call.