Premium Internet Service

Deliver high-quality, reliable business internet service and connectivity for fixed bandwidth requirements with Globe’s leased line technology.

Diverse Cable Network

Connect using dedicated internet access supported by a large-scale of global IP backbone for your public connectivity.

Usage Flexibility

Manage your internet connectivity to allocate more bandwidth for important business applications.

Secured Internet

Keep unwanted traffic out of the network with protected internet services and web content filtering.

Direct Internet Lite

Avail of cost-effective internet access service with essential features of an internet via leased line set up for Small and Medium Businesses.

Exclusive Point of Contact

Have a dedicated point of contact all throughout the service cycle.

Flexible Access Points

Use multiple access points connected to different internet backbones.

Protected Network

Continue service calls in a secured and maintained network.

Talk to a Business Advisor

Find out how Direct Internet can benefit your business operations.