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Unlimited Call & Texts to All Networks

Communicate with your clients in a cost-efficient way.

Higher Data Allocation at a Lower Price

Get the most out of your mobile postpaid plan budget for your organization.


Enjoy six months of limitless data usage wherever you go.

Device Exclusive Freebies

Maximize the use of your mobile handset with data allocation freebies and many more.

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Get 12 months of free access to KonsultaMD and GoWifi!

Ensure your employees enjoy free monthly data allocation and 24/7 access to telehealth consultations when you subscribe to any of our GPlan Enterprise offers.

  • Consult anytime with licensed doctors through KonsultaMD.
  • Surf the internet for free through our GoWiFi sites with monthly data allocation.

Sign up offer until November 30, 2023 only.

GPlan Enterprise

Set your employees up for success with these line and device offers from Globe Business.

Featured Offers

iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Pro

Empower your enterprise on the go. Get the latest iPhone 14 Pro with GPlan Enterprise 1999*

*Plus ₱1,650 monthly cash-out for 24 months


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Avail the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 256 GB with GPlan Enterprise 1499* for maximum mobility.

*With ₱2,000 monthly cash-out for 24 months


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 5G

Equip your team with the next-generation technology offering unique flex and multitasking capabilities.

With monthly cash-out of ₱2,700 for 24 months

Mobile Number Portability

Retain your mobile number when you switch from another network through Mobile Number Portability.


Are the plans fully customizable, same as Business Power Plans?

No, GPlan Enterprise is a pre-build plan already.

What is the difference between Unli Landline and Duo?

Unli landline has zero-rated calls from mobile to all landline networks nationwide. Duo comes with a Duo number with free calls to Globe landline numbers nationwide and to any landline calls within area code.

Can I avail duo with unli landline at the same time?

Yes, especially if you require very flexible landline communication.

Can I upgrade my plan inclusions?

Yes, it will automatically be charged on top of the monthly service fee. Please note that the existing data allocations are the only ones available. It is recommended to get the highest plan available with the highest data allocation desired instead.