Enjoy Low-Cost Flexible Plans

Get a Postpaid Plan tailored to meet the needs of your enterprise.

Business Boost

Manage your spending with a predefined monthly service fee, and choose from a wide array of mobile data options and devices.

Business Capped

Stay on top of your finances with a set budget ceiling for your communication needs, and maintain flexibility by topping up as needed.

Supplement Your Plan with these Value-Added Features

Unli Calls to Globe/TM

Enjoy unlimited calls to Globe and TM subscribers nationwide.

Unli All-net Texts

Send unlimited text messages to Globe, TM, and other local network subscribers nationwide.


Stay connected while on business trips around the country with a virtual local landline number for making and receiving unlimited calls.

Business Surf

Get mobile browsing speeds of up to 42 Mbps. Also enjoy your unused mobile data until the next month with Data Rollover.

Important Advisory

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Find out how our Postpaid Plans can benefit your business operations.


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Understanding Your Postpaid Bill

Why has Globe changed the look and feel of its bill?

We redesigned the Postpaid bill—its contents and charges—with our customers in mind. We made it simple for our customers to read and understand so that they know exactly what they are paying for.

What major changes did Globe make in the new bill?

In the new bill, the amount in the Statement Summary is now VAT-inclusive.

Also, the usage sections on “Monthly Recurring Fee” and “Summary of Excess Usage” inside the bill now have a separate line item for VAT. In the old bill, VAT can be found only in the Statement Summary on the first page.

Other minor changes are:

  • The removal of the payment stub as you can now pay using just your account number
  • Introduction of a message box for personalized greetings
  • The addition of payment channels as a bill footer
  • The removal of the flat rate call indicator inside the bill since all the calls now have fixed-service rates.

Customers receiving their bill for the first time will see a “Welcome Message” on the first page and a special section called “Plan Details.”

In addition, the monthly recurring fee is now grouped per mobile number. The usage details of each mobile number are in the succeeding pages.

Where can Globe Business customers pay their bills?

Customers based in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Metro Davao may request check pickup by sending an email at [email protected]

Payments are also accepted over the counter at Bayad Center and SM Payment Center (Department Store, Savemore, Hypermarket), and online via www.globe.com.ph/paybillcorp, BDO, BPI, Security Bank and UnionBank. LDDAP may pay via Landbank internet banking.

To ensure immediate posting of payments, always provide the payment breakdown when settling bills. If you are filing for EWT, provide one original copy of the signed Certificate of Withholding Tax (BIR Form 2307).