Grow Your Business Quickly and Securely

Get server capacity without buying additional hardware with a web-based cloud service, also known as Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas).

Get Expert Advice

By partnering with the Globe Data Service Infrastructure, you can rely on experts with decades of reliable IT and network connectivity experience.

Save on Costs

Aside from the cost savings of not having to purchase your own hardware, you never have to worry about server upgrades or maintenance, too.

Depend on a Reliable Service

Our ISO certified facilities are built to withstand power outages and natural disasters, and equipped with premium security systems.

Maximize Your Business’ Potential with the Cloud

Achieve rapid growth with our powerful, customizable, and secure web-based products and services.

Virtual Private Cloud

Run the most difficult applications your way, without the limitations of a cloud available to the public. Launch operations and resources in a fully private, virtual network that you can manage yourself.

Dedicated Private Cloud

Does your business belong to an industry with strict security compliance requirements? Secure your own web servers not just virtually but also physically separated from other users.


Direct Internet and Virtual Private Cloud

Run your operations with a dedicated internet and scalable cloud infrastructure and save up to P18,000 per month.

Got a Question?

Ask our team of experts about how Cloud Services can benefit your business.