Go Cashless in the New Normal

Send salaries, incentives, loan proceeds, and more to your employees in real-time wherever you are.

Low and Flexible Fees

Pay as low as P25 per month for an account with a GCash card, prepaid SIM, and 2 disbursements. You may also choose to buy the GCash card first and pay P5 only per disbursement.

Full GCash Services for Your Employees

Enjoy the full range of GCash services such as Send Money, Bank Transfer, Pay Bills, online purchases, and more with your enrolled accounts. Plus, you’ll also get higher wallet limits than a regular GCash account.

Why go with GCash for Business for your funds’ disbursement?

Versus Cash or Cheques

  • Cashless means safe and hygienic
  • Real-time reports and analytics
  • No clearing time

Versus Bank Accounts

  • No need to go to a branch to open
  • Only one valid ID required
  • No banking holidays or weekends
GCash for Business

Manage your funds with greater convenience and total peace of mind.

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