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Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) - Globe Business

Expand your Network with Next-Level Connectivity

Scale your business with a robust and agile SD-WAN equipped with security features, cloud-future capabilities, and virtualized services that ensure end-to-end connectivity.

Fast Deployment

Achieve faster time-to-market with instant Internet Protocol (IP) deployment across various offices or branches through a plug-and-play device.

Enhanced Visibility

Boost employee engagement and productivity with improved network monitoring and sufficient bandwidth allocation.

Agile Connectivity

Fulfill dynamic business requirements and drive cost efficiencies by maximizing Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN) or broadband connectivity for additional bandwidth.

Accelerated Transition to Cloud and SaaS

Experience end-to-end service with advanced security features; optimized connectivity to private, public, and hybrid cloud applications; and virtualized services.


Enhanced Managed SD-WAN Solution

Improve branch network efficiency and management by optimizing connection to multiple branches and the cloud.

WAN Optimization

Accelerate performance of latency-sensitive applications and minimize transmission of repetitive data across the WAN in a single, unified SD-WAN edge platform.

Mesh Setup

Rotate traffic within branch networks and cut  inefficiencies in an enterprise network with SD-WAN’s meshing capabilities.

Advanced Security

Enjoy consistent network protection from edge-to-cloud through built-in firewalls, identity-based access, cloud security automated orchestration, and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

Powered by Aruba EdgeConnect

Aruba is a global leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for SD-WAN and the first SD-WAN vendor to attain ICSA Labs Secure SD-WAN certification.


Our Connectivity Services


SD-WAN Basic optimizes IT infrastructure control and management by transforming your legacy network into architecture. It simplifies branch office connectivity, optimizes application performance, and increases network agility. It also lowers total costs by providing more resource usage through automated branch and WAN architecture to fulfill modern IT business initiatives.

SD-WAN aggregates diverse network circuits like broadband, DIA, LTE, 4G, and 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) within applicable sites. These circuits can either be added to existing MPLS to create a hybrid network, or utilized to replace MPLS using all-Internet wired and wireless connections.

One of the key elements of SD-WAN is application-awareness. It understands individual applications with corresponding SLA requirements, and translates them into policies that the network must adhere to. This provides active network and application experience monitoring that ensures optimal traffic delivery. The monitoring tool provides better IT insights into applications, devices, users, and the network, to ensure adherence to your business goals and objectives. This gives your IT better control to meet business requirements across branches, and data centers.


SD-WAN Secure includes a self-healing architecture all while natively inserting network and security functions into the WAN. Driven by application-based policies, the WAN and branch dynamically adapt to ensure network uptime, application reliability, and optimal user experience all while protecting the organization from threats and vulnerabilities. It features:

  • Secure multi-cloud connectivity that supports cloud-to-cloud, branch to multi-cloud, and business to multi-cloud connections

  • Embedded and robust next-generation security features such as Universal Threat Management and Role-Based Access Control

  • Secure private/public cloud connectivity regardless of cloud platforms, applications, and transports

  • Context-based network and security policies, and traffic steering based on users, devices, locations, and applications


SD-WAN Cloud creates an overlay to virtualize the WAN with centralized control to simplify the management and deployment of branch-office services. It creates a WAN transport agnostic overlay network and can replace legacy branch office routers, simplifying the WAN infrastructure. It provides better management through application-layer control of service policies to ensure optimum performance, addressing the need to integrate to cloud solutions, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), mobile devices, and IoT (Internet of Things). You can manage connectivity policies to multiple SaaS and IaaS cloud providers, headquarters based data centers, and branch offices—resulting in consistent, unified policies across applications. It enables enterprise networks for the move to private, hybrid or public cloud setup.

It combines a full-featured SD-WAN, scalable advanced routing, genuine multi-tenancy, and sophisticated analytics. This solution enables enterprises to increase their bandwidth and cloud experience, improve flexibility, and decrease the cost of their legacy WAN all with an application-driven and software-defined overlay solution. Through on-premises branch solutions, it enables customers who have business applications (cloud workloads) in IaaS to gain optimized connectivity by providing cloud workloads close to the users.


SD-WAN Connect+ provides capabilities beyond SD-WAN. It offers a variety of solutions to address different customer requirements—from optimizing WAN traffic and simplifying WAN management, to increasing WAN availability and enhancing branch security. It is a simple and secure next-generation cloud solution with superior user experience for enterprises.

It delivers an end to end solution for managing complex and distributed branch networks to ensure productivity. Through a single pane of glass, you can monitor all activities and devices with ease.

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Globe SD-WAN: Business Unstoppable

Globe Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) allows you to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment and respond to increasing demands.

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