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Managed IP Private Branch Exchange (IP-PBX) - Globe Business

Centralize Your Telephony Infrastructure

Reap the benefits of having your Internet Protocol (IP) telephony fully managed with Globe’s IP Private Branch Exchange (IP-PBX) solution. Find a package that suits your business needs today.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Maintenance

Feel at ease with guaranteed end-to-end support and IP management within a secure, reliable environment.

Save Significant Costs

Pay fees monthly instead of making a high upfront investment, and enjoy the option of controlling the cost of bandwidth.

Empower Your Workforce

Enable your employees to be more reachable and productive with mobile extensions, IP softphones, voicemail, and a call accounting system.

Talk to a Business Partner

Find out how Managed IP Private Branch Exchange (IP-PBX) can benefit your business operations.

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A Technology Strategy for Business

Learn how innovative engagement programs can motivate your employees to excel and contribute to your overall business growth.