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Offers for Schools and Educational Institutions - Globe myBusiness

Shift to Digital Learning

Equip your teachers and students with tools that’ll let them take learning online.

Get Access to Information

Enable your students to stay informed with the power of Globe Mobile and Broadband connectivity.

Use New Tools for Teaching

Let your teachers and staff feel your support of their craft with new digital tools.

Connect Your Students

Improve your student community’s productivity with new digital collaboration tools.

Keep Everyone Involved

Encourage parents and teachers to keep track of students’ progress and school matters.

Improve Your School’s Management

Empower your management team to efficiently coordinate with your teachers and staff.

Create Your Own Teaching Materials

Enhance your teachers’ techniques with professionally produced content for students.


Help Keep Your Teachers Safe

Continue learning at home by giving your teachers 24/7 access to health assistance at an affordable cost.


Go Cashless for School Payments

Make it easy for parents to pay for tuition and for your school admins to pay business transactions online.


Stay Productive

Research for school with a prepaid data subscription plus a GoLEARN or GoWORK app.


Go for 100%

Accomplish tasks from the comfort of home with 30 GB data for your Globe Prepaid WiFi.

Got a Question?

Get answers on how to use SME Products and Solutions to improve your business.