Your Key to a Productive Workforce

Raise your workforce’s productivity levels by providing them with a stable and fast connection with Direct Internet.

Dedicated Internet Connection

Enjoy full access to your subscribed bandwidth and boost your company's efficiency.

Guaranteed 99.8% Uptime

Keep your business running and work with no delays with a reliable internet connection backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Business Demand Flexibility

Rely on a service that scales up with your growing demand to keep up with high-bandwidth activities of your operations.


Grow your business and save on costs!


Run Your Operations with Dedicated Internet and Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Ensure the privacy of your data with a Virtual Private Cloud bundled with your Direct Internet subscription and save up to P18,000 per month.


Keep Your Customers Updated

Send out important announcements through SMS. Get SMS API credits worth up to P30,000 with your Direct Internet subscription.


Enjoy Uninterrupted Virtual Meetings for Your Team

Enhance your communication tools for better business. Save up to P15,000* per month for 20 Mbps with 10 Zoom Pro licenses.

*Estimated savings is based on on-net rates. Actual savings will depend on actual site assessment.

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