Own Data Privacy Proficiency

Prevent data breaches by equipping your employees with data privacy knowledge through ADPRIMAS. It's designed to guide your company by providing assessment and severity reports, as well as online training courses for your employees about the Data Privacy Law.


Get an overview of your company's recent activities on purchases, activated accounts, assessment results, and severity reports.


View an inventory of training and assessment courses provided by different authors from various industries.


Have a repository of all the training and assessment courses purchased by your company.


Access the records of your employees who are registered to ADPRIMAS. View their registered and completed courses, as well as their assessment results.


See a collection of your company's monthly severity reports based on your employees' assessment results.


Know your employees' data privacy competency through their assessment score: 80 to 100 means they can handle private data, 50 to 79 need supervision, and 0 to 49 can't handle data.

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Will we have a certified DPO after completing the courses and assessments on ADPRIMAS?

No, but you can endorse those with high assessment scores to other training centers for certification.

What is the best course of action after getting the severity report?

We highly advise you to assign data collection and processing only to employees with a LOW severity rating. Employees with a HIGH severity rating should not handle sensitive data and must take additional training and capacity building courses to avoid potential data privacy breaches.

If I have assessed all my employees and gained a LOW overall company severity rating, can I stop my subscription to ADPRIMAS?

We advise you not to. Under the Data Privacy Act (DPA) of 2012, companies are required to regularly test, assess, and evaluate the efficacy of security measures. ADPRIMAS regularly updates the assessment test and course materials to reflect any changes in DPA 2012.