Your Key to Total Digital Transformation

Globe Labs offers innovative solutions that move your business forward and transform the entire customer experience.

Send Your Brand Message Loud and Clear

Promote your brand's message through personalized messaging and free access to your apps or website to reach a wider customer base.

Delight Your Customers

Create solutions that bring your business closer to your customers, as well as products and services that complement their lifestyle.

Engage Your Audience Efficiently

Interact with customers better, through your own SMS-based menu where you can track and respond to requests.


Integrate Globe Labs into your business for more efficiency, security, and profitability.


  • Easily integrate game-changing features into your existing systems

  • Reduce capital investment with less groundwork development

  • Verify account to secure transactions with One Time Pin (OTP) via SMS or email


  • Build interactive SMS-based solutions for a range of transactions

  • Offer more payment channels for customers

  • Reward customer and employee loyalty


  • Easily send updates and notifications to parents and students via SMS

  • Ensure safety of everyone in campus using RFID

  • Send rewards to top academic performers


How to Boost Your Business with Application Programming Interface (API)

What are APIs? And which API can help make your business operations easier? Shawn from Globe myBusiness has the answers.


Keep Your Customers Updated

Send out important announcements through SMS. Get SMS API credits worth up to P30,000 with your Direct Internet subscription.

Globe Labs Testimony

"We are now building the premier e-commerce platform for home services with We rely a lot on technology to offer quality and affordable services. One of our most essential tools is the SMS API tool from GlobeLabs. This lets us notify our users as soon as we have new information on the platform - like a newly available job for our service providers or a job confirmation for our customers. Most of our requests get confirmed within 15 minutes, so a fast notification is super important for our users!"

Andrew Koger
Founder and CEO,

Globe Labs

Take your business to the next level by integrating these innovative Globe Labs tools with your current system.

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