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5 Home Prepaid WiFi Promos that are Perfect for Online Classes - go!

5 Home Prepaid WiFi Promos that are Perfect for Online Classes

Need a solid promo to help you get through a week of online classes?

With COVID-19 yet to be under control, online learning remains a sole solution for education. Because of this, a reliable yet budget-friendly internet connection is an absolute necessity for students.

Globe’s mySchoolSURF Promos make it easier for students to make the most of their online classes while staying budget-friendly.

What is the Globe mySchoolSURF Promos?

Globe mySchoolSURF Promos are data promos exclusively available for Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi users. These promos put a focus on online learning, offering open access data and 4GB per day to access a slew of Learning, Productivity & Communication apps. 

The allocation for open access data allows you to use all kinds of apps or go to websites like Wikipedia and more for research. The 4GB daily allowance for Learning, Productivity & Communication gives you access to these apps & tools:

  • Zoom 

  • Google Hangouts

  • G Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep and Drive)

  • Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and Outlook)

  • FB Messenger and WhatsApp

  • Other apps like Canva, CourseHero and Canvas

The mySchoolSURF promos are solely available through GCash and come in the following bundles: 15, 199. 599, 799, 999 and 1499.

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 Globe mySchoolSURF Promos for All Needs

These mySchoolSURF promos provide fast and reliable internet for online classes. Make sure your GCash account contains a balance corresponding to the bundle amount you want to avail.

  • mySchoolSURF15

For projects and other additional coursework, you can avail of a 1GB data add-on valid for one day with the mySchoolSURF15 promo. 

Register to mySchoolSURF199 via GCash and be sure to have a Php15 GCash balance. The best thing about this promo is that you can register for it as many times as you need, so long as your mySchoolSURF199 promo is active.

  • mySchoolSURF199

Need a solid promo to help get you through a week of online classes? The mySchoolSURF199 provides 6GB open access data with 4GB daily allotment for the Learning, Productivity & Communication apps, giving you a total of 28GB of dedicated data for seven days. 

  • mySchoolSURF599

Doing group work can eat up your bandwidth, making the mySchoolSURF599 the right choice for getting through a group assignment. For 15 days, you get 15GB of open access data with a total of 60GB for your Learning, Productivity & Communication apps. 

  • mySchoolSURF799

For daily online classes and coursework, mySchoolSURF799 is a reliable promo that’s valid for 30 days. It’s perfect for anyone who prefers to load up their account only once a month. The bundle includes 10GB of open access data and a total of 120GB for Learning, Productivity & Communication apps.

  • mySchoolSURF999

For families with more than one student, the mySchoolSURF999 plan has enough to get through all their online classes and finish their schoolwork. For 30 days, this promo gives you 20 GB of open access data with a 4GB daily allotment for Learning, Productivity & Communication apps.

Making Education Matter with Globe

Until circumstances improve, online classes will be a big part of the new normal for both students and families alike. With the help of Globe Education Solutions and the mySchoolSURF promos, you get a fast and reliable internet for continuous learning.

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