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Global Dominion Financing Inc. finds Globe Business as the right Ka-Partner - Globe Newsroom

Global Dominion Financing Inc. Finds the Right Ka-Partner in Globe Business

These days, majority of businesses have successfully adapted to pandemic-driven market changes. By embracing digitalization, financial institutions like Global Dominion Financing Incorporated (GDFI) are able to gracefully transform into future-proof enterprises. GDFI—a homegrown company that aims to provide Filipinos with easy and affordable loan products and services—credits its success to strong partnerships formed throughout the years, including one with Globe Business, the enterprise arm of Globe Telecom.

“We call all of our stakeholders our ‘Ka-partners’ because we would never be able to successfully serve communities just by providing loan products alone,” shared GDFI President & COO Patricia Poco-Palacios. She chronicled GDFI’s history in 2003 as a lending company for doctors and medical entrepreneurs, explaining, “Our partnerships were built among borrowers, field agents, car and truck dealers, government agencies, and even technology providers, like Globe Business.”

Poco-Palacios said that their focus on being customer-centric enabled them to anticipate the need to adapt, innovate, and have a competitive edge among others in the industry. She mentioned, “Ahead of many other lending institutions, and even before the pandemic hit, we started exploring new systems and technologies to make collaboration seamless for our workforce and serve our customers better”.

When COVID-19 ushered in a new normal across industries, GDFI was ready to face the global economic crisis because of systems powered by Globe Business: Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), M360, and Microsoft 365. 

SD-WAN addressed the company’s need for a faster and more secure internet connection, which paved the way to easily interconnect their 70-plus branches nationwide. The plug-and-play device allows Globe to quickly deploy end-to-end connectivity, enabling GDFI to monitor and manage its network; allocate bandwidth where it’s needed; accelerate its transition to the Cloud; and virtualize its services. 

Through M360—an all-in-one automated messaging solution that allows companies to broadcast messages to their teams and customers—GDFI discovered more convenient and efficient ways of reaching out to their borrowers. M360 allows companies to send messages to thousands of recipients in real-time or as scheduled; engage customers with rich content via Viber Business Messaging; and automatically send Facebook text or Rich Media messages directly to a user’s Facebook account. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft 365 improved GDFI’s workforce efficiency by equipping them with access to important documents, emails, and Microsoft Office programs from anywhere and on any device. It also empowers the company’s teams to collaborate with each other and with their customers securely and effortlessly online.

“Times and tools have certainly changed, but our purpose of providing innovative financing products and services to empower families to achieve their dreams remains the same. Partnering with Globe Business aligns with our company values,” shared Poco-Palacios. “Both companies seek to create a better tomorrow by combining innovation with the power of collaboration, to achieve inclusive and sustainable development that centers on community transformation, business empowerment, and nation-building. With the right technology within our reach and with the support of Globe Business, we know for sure that we will continue to be of service to financing and refinancing customers in the years to come.”

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