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6 Feng Shui Tips Before Starting Your Business

Applying feng shui to your business is a great way to achieve balance, calm, and even success. Feng shui is an age-old science that can be described simply as balancing man with nature. It’s very common for businesses to apply feng shui principles to their workspaces, habits, and schedules. But did you know it’s also possible to apply feng shui before you even start a business? In fact, there are a few principles that you should think about before you consider going into business in the first place.

One of the country’s leading feng shui practitioners and experts, Master Francis Gaw, is giving tips to those who want to delve into a business. Here are some of his helpful tips and requirements that influence who, when, and where to open your business, as well as some feng shui advice on how to keep it going strong:

  1. DO determine if you’re made to be a businessman.

  2. As they say, "Leaders are born, not made." According to Francis, so are businessmen. He states, “If your birthday is right (you were born on the right day, in the right year) you might be born a businessman.” The best way to find out is by consulting a credible feng shui practitioner and telling him your exact birth date, but if you’re afraid of the answer, don’t worry. He adds that “If you are born not to be a businessman but you want to have a business, your solution is to find a partner who is born a businessman.” Additionally, he also adheres to logic above superstition, so he adds that before feng shui, there are two more important things to consider: feasibility and the human factor (whether or not you know the business well, whether you have the skill to handle it, etc.)

  3. DON’T start your business during the Ghost Month.

  4. This is a commonly believed superstition and it still stands to this day. In fact, you shouldn’t start anything during the Ghost Month – weddings, businesses, moving out, etc. This year, the Ghost Month falls on August 22 to September 19, so make sure you aren’t starting your business anywhere within that range. Also, there will always be good days and bad. For example, good days to start a business in February 2017 include the 5th, 14th, and 23rd. So consult a practitioner to know if your target launch date is a good one or a recipe for misfortune.

  5. DO set up in a place you’re comfortable in.

  6. Generally, when you’re choosing an office space, look for one that is well-ventilated, bright, and relaxing as soon as you enter. If you feel something wrong, eerie, or heavy about a place, it’s probably best not to take it or at least have someone cleanse the place before you set up. Arrangements of objects and décor are only second priority to finding a place that’s peaceful, comfortable, and good for work.

  7. DON’T adhere to all symbols and superstitions.

  8. Contrary to popular belief, Francis says that only 30% of superstitions should really be followed. Tumbok sa kalye or not setting up at a t-junction is a superstition to remember, as well as having crystals in your workplace or even on your person. Crystals release piezoelectricity, which science itself has found to be a positive energy that can improve your temperament throughout the day. Water is also an important symbol, although you should check with an expert on where it should or should not be placed in your office.

  9. DO push for sustainability.

  10. It’s the only real secret, according to Francis. It’s the foolproof habit — keeping yourself in the market, staying in the know, consistently pushing through both profit and loss — and it’s the only one that’s proven to work 100% of the time. As Francis says, “Sustain your business and one day you will harvest your crop.”

  11. DON’T think luck is all that matters.

  12. It’s easy to pretend that with feng shui and good luck, your business will boom whether or not you’re working for it but even the experts themselves debunk that theory. Francis adds, “Even if you are lucky, if you are not hardworking, what will happen to you? But if you are unlucky, even if you’re just at home, bad luck will come to you.”

In the end, our destiny still depends on hard work, faith, and prayer plus a little bit of luck.  As Francis says, we find signs through feng shui. Dates, experiences, and occurrences can point the way but what matters is that we find them so they can lead us to where we want and need to be.

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