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4 Small Business Apps To Make Your Life as an Entrepreneur Easier

Run your business—completely online—with a little help from these apps!

The question “how are you?” has taken on a new meaning in the time of the pandemic. Times are tough, with everyone at risk of losing their jobs and small businesses struggling to stay afloat. Due to the implementation of lockdowns and temporary closure of establishments, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) have had no choice but to adapt to the new normal. 

Despite all the disheartening news this year has brought us, there remain little pockets of good news. Among them: the spike in entrepreneurial activity. 

You may have noticed it yourself—online stores are burgeoning, online selling delivery apps are being utilized to the fullest, hobbies are now alternative sources of income, and brands are repurposing their products to meet customer needs. It's a surprising AND promising turn of events.

If you want to grab this opportunity by starting a venture yourself, or you're a veteran entrepreneur trying to pivot your business, let technology help you. Apart from refining your management skills through our Globe myBusiness Academy, one good way to ensure success is to have the right tools in your arsenal. 

Here are four apps that will make your entrepreneurial life a lot easier!

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Since a vaccine is still nowhere to be found, social distancing and handwashing are the best defense against the virus. Given that queuing, paying in cash, and general public exposure can be a health risk, it's best to choose contactless transactions for your business. Fortunately, GCash has your back.

Whether it's for personal or business, GCash's features will bring you a ton of convenience. You can pay for bills without the queue or paperwork, shop at your favorite online stores with ease, and receive payments through the app. If you want to start your online store, your customers will appreciate having GCash as one of your payment options. 



Looking to boost your company's efficiency? Downloading Trello is a must.

This project management app is incredibly easy to use, and its features are designed to encourage collaboration and boost productivity. By helping you set deadlines, categorize tasks, and track progress, this highly capable app will help you manage your operations seamlessly. 



Gaining new customers can be a challenging task for any business, especially with COVID-19 changing people's priorities, which is why many brands have doubled down on marketing during the pandemic.  

If your business heavily relies on social media to drive sales, then you've probably experienced the difficulties that came with managing multiple promotions. Luckily, a tool like  Buffer can help you schedule and manage posts across different platforms. Buffer will lighten your workload while allowing you to get the most out of your ads. 



Accounting can be tedious, but it's vital in a business. Being unable to keep track of sales invoices and the status of payments can harm you in several ways. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to manage your finances, then you should consider FreshBooks.

As a cloud-based app, FreshBooks is mobile-friendly and will sync data across all of your devices, making it easier for you to access crucial financial information anytime and anywhere, changing the way you track cash flow.   

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In this day and age, the businesses that will thrive are those who are contiuously improving their services, adapting to the changing times, and implementing fresh small business ideas

If you're planning to start a new venture or struggling to keep up with the changes, keep the apps above in mind! Remember: digital technology can be the key to your long-term success.

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