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10 Effective Fitness Apps to Download

Young Asian woman eating fruit, using her smartphone to log in calories.

Fitness apps like MyFitnessPal let you track your diet and exercise.

You might have made a health resolution at the start of the year: lose weight, get toned, run a marathon, or destress with yoga. But you realize that being fit is a continuous journey, requiring daily dedication and effort. Thankfully, there are fitness apps to help you get started and keep you on track. From high-intensity interval training to calming yoga sessions, discover the different workout apps and find the right one for you.

Track your diet and exercise with MyFitnessPal. It offers an extensive food database and a convenient barcode scanner to log your food quickly. It also provides detailed insights into your calorie intake and nutritional breakdown, helping you understand and adjust your dietary habits. This health and fitness tracking app also lets you record your workouts and track your progress over time. While it offers a free version with basic features, its premium features are available with a subscription.


MyFitnessPal provides two subscription options. The Annual Plan, priced at ₱2,490 per year, includes convenient features like the Barcode Scan, Custom Macro Tracking, and an Ad-Free Experience. The Monthly Plan is available at ₱489 per month, offering the same benefits as the Annual Plan but with the flexibility of a month-to-month commitment. 


Rated 4.7 on App Store and 4.0 on Google Play.

2. Sworkit

Young Asian couple exercising together at home.

Exercise apps like Sworkit can help you personalize your workout and tailor it to your needs.

Customize a workout plan based on your goals, fitness levels, and available time with Sworkit (Simply Work It). It's ideal for all fitness levels, offering easy-to-follow video demonstrations. The workout app provides a range of exercises that don’t require equipment, whether you're aiming for strength and conditioning, cardio, yoga, or stretching. By adapting to your lifestyle and preferences, Sworkit makes it convenient to stay consistent and motivated, helping you achieve your fitness goals. You can access its basic content for free, but you'll have to subscribe if you want the full features.


Sworkit currently offers two subscription options: an annual plan for ₱3,090 and a monthly plan for ₱519. This premium version offers additional features like a broader range of workouts, custom workout plans, and more personalization options.


Rated 4.7 on App Store and 4.2 on Google Play.

Choose from a wide range of workouts and training curated by Nike trainers, from strength and endurance exercises to yoga and mobility routines. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, you'll find workouts tailored to your fitness level, complete with detailed instructions and video demonstrations. 


The Nike Training Club also provides guidance on holistic fitness, including nutrition and wellness tips. It has a user-friendly interface and motivational content to help you achieve your fitness goals. The exercise app offers free access to various workouts and training programs—no premium version exists.


Rated 4.8 on App Store and 4.1 on Google Play.

Maintain a regular exercise routine with the 7 Minute Workout. It offers quick, high-intensity exercises using items you’ll find at home, like chairs and steps. You can also adjust workout durations to suit your fitness level. The app also integrates with Apple’s HealthKit, allowing you to track your progress and see the impact on your overall health. 7 Minute Workout is free with optional in-app purchases such as the 7 Club Membership.


The 7 Club Membership's subscription is ₱199 a month while a yearly subscription is at ₱999. Both plans include access to personalized workout plans tailored to individual fitness levels and goals, the ability to create custom workouts, and exclusive support and guidance from certified personal trainers. 


Rated 4.8 on App Store and 4.9 on Google Play.

5. Fitbit

Achieve your health goals with Fitbit's activity tracking. It syncs with Fitbit devices, monitoring your steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, and workouts. It provides detailed data that helps you understand your physical activities and health trends. With features like goal setting, exercise logging, and food tracking, you can tailor it to your needs, whether it's losing weight, building stamina, or improving sleep quality. The app is free, but it’s best used with a Fitbit device, which is sold separately. 


Rated 4.2 on App Store and 3.8 on Google Play.

6. Strava

Young Asian man running outdoors.

Other workout apps can track your running to give you detailed insights on performance.

Run faster and bike farther with Strava. The app offers GPS route tracking, allowing you to record and analyze your biking, running, and walking in detail. Strava's performance analytics give you insights into your pace, distance, elevation gain, and more, helping you to understand and improve your fitness levels. Additionally, the app fosters community and competition, enabling you to connect with friends, join challenges, and compete on leaderboards. 


Strava has a free version with core features. Additional advanced features are available with a paid subscription, priced at ₱1,500 a year. The advanced features include segment leaderboards, detailed training analysis, route planning, group challenges, live tracking, and exclusive deals. 


Rated 4.8 on App Store and 4.7 on Google Play.

Improve your running performance with MapMyRun. The app uses GPS to track and map your run accurately. It provides detailed insights into pace, distance, elevation, and route, whether you’re training for an event or you want to enhance your fitness. You can also set personal goals, join challenges, and create custom training plans tailored to your fitness level and objectives. The app has a free version and a premium subscription for additional features. 


The MVP Membership for MapMyRun, available for ₱1,450 a year or ₱299 a month, includes custom splits, heart rate analysis, dynamic training plans, mobile coaching, live tracking, advanced maps, and more! 

Rated 4.8 on both App Store and Google Play.

Young Asian woman going into a downward dog yoga pose in the living room.

Perfect your form with a guided yoga class and boost your flexibility and strength.

Boost flexibility, strength, and mental wellness with Daily Yoga. It has an extensive library of yoga poses and guided classes, whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi. You can follow along with video demonstrations and detailed instructions, making it easy to perfect your form. Daily Yoga also has a community aspect that allows you to connect and share experiences with fellow enthusiasts to stay motivated. The app has a free version with subscription plans for more content.


A monthly subscription costs ₱799 while the yearly option is available for ₱3,490. You can also subscribe for three months at ₱1,790 for additional features and content to enhance your yoga practice.


Rated 4.7 on App Store and 4.3 on Google Play.

9. Calm

Reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and enhance overall mental health with the Calm app. While primarily a meditation app, Calm also includes mindful movement and stretching exercises. It’s an excellent choice for holistic fitness that incorporates mental wellbeing. The wellness app offers some free content, but full access requires a subscription.


Calm Premium, priced at ₱779 per month or ₱3,690 per year, offers a wide range of features including a vast library of guided meditations, Sleep Stories, exclusive music tracks, and masterclasses from mindfulness experts, all accessible through their mobile app and website.


Rated 4.8 on App Store and 4.6 on Google Play.

Get fit and give back with Charity Miles. This unique app allows you to earn money for a charity by doing physical activities like walking, running, or biking. It tracks your distance and donates to a cause for every mile you complete. This incentive encourages you to stay active and provides a sense of accomplishment when contributing to causes such as Feeding America, Habitat For Humanity, the Wounded Warrior Project, and more.

Rated 4.8 on App Store and 4.1 on Google Play.


Embracing a healthier lifestyle is a breeze when you have the right digital tools at your fingertips. Explore fitness apps to enhance your health and wellness by ensuring you have a reliable high-speed connection with these postpaid plans or prepaid promos. Complement this with devices like iPhone 15 and Apple Watch—perfect for staying connected and tracking your progress whether you're at home or on the move. With this powerful combination, you're all set to boost your physical wellbeing and stay on top of your fitness goals.

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