5 Places You Can Send or Donate Your Used Electronics To

Don’t just throw it in a bag: there’s more to the disposal of e-waste than you think

Let’s talk reducing, reusing and recycling: If today’s level of involvement­—of people and entire institutions—serves as any indication, it looks like humanity actually has a fair shot at turning manmade environmental misses around. Still, we’ve only just begun kicking sustainability efforts into full gear and the mission is certainly far from over.

What worthwhile effort should we look at next, you ask? Consider proper e-waste handling 101: because finding a way to apply the “reduce, reuse, recycle” concept into our habits as tech consumers is just as important.

The reality is this isn’t as simple as tossing an old battery into a garbage bag and sending it away when it’s trash collection day. We may not dispose of items like old TV sets, worn-out keyboards or defunct smartphones as often as we do single-use plastic from things we consume daily, but their impact on the environment can be just as devastating. It’s worth noting, too, that even on the tech front, the average person has acquired a habit of accumulating while leaving out a game plan for electronic waste disposal. Here, we pledge to change that.

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Dispose of your used electronics the correct and more mindful way. See which of these five establishments and campaigns you can be part of. They’ll take those used electronics right off your hands and take care of e-waste management for you:

HMR Super Surplus Bodega

Location: Pioneer Street corner Reliance Street, Mandaluyong

For office electronics in mint condition you happen to no longer have use for, the place for you is HMR Super Surplus Bodega. This trusted seller and reseller establishment can buy your electronics, base metals, computers and appliances and other spare electronic parts from you, refurbish them and get them ready for reselling at their main store: HMR Trading Haus.

Inquire by calling (2) 548 6999 or (2) 634 0526 or emailing [email protected].

Project 1 Phone

Find the drop-off station at Globe Telecom stores in major cities

As one of Globe Telecom’s initiatives in its three-pronged sustainability project, Project 1 Phone presents mobile users with an easy and convenient mobile recycling program: Just drop by any participating store and leave your used phones or tablets to ultimately fund Globe’s community initiative and help save landfill space.

Heed the call for good and donate your old phones for recycling to help build communities. Pledge to Project 1 Phone here.

E-Waste Management Philippines

Door-to-door pick-up in various cities in Metro Manila

The E-Waste Recycling Program makes electronic waste disposal easier by heading straight to your doorstep. Additionally, this team offers to help sell your items should you not be ready to dispose of them. Products accepted include old laptops, CPU units, Li-ion batteries, cellphones, cellphone batteries, UPS power supplies, power banks and emergency light batteries.

Make arrangements with E-Waste Management Philippines via mobile and contact (947) 990 9446 for e-waste pick-up in select areas.

The E-Waste Project, University of the Philippines

Location of April 2019 run: University of the Philippines Diliman, Roxas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

A year-long initiative borne from the combined efforts of the Diliman, Manila and Los Baños school of the University of the Philippines, the E-Waste Project aims to raise awareness on the “threat posed by the growing number of improperly disposed electronic devices.” Along with this, week-long drives are set up in select months as people are encouraged to bring e-waste donations from their homes to the UP Diliman campus: from computer motherboards, flash drives, sound cards, cellphone chargers and video cards to air conditioning units, speakers and even washing machines.

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Email the E-Waste Project team at [email protected] or drop by the UP Diliman College of Engineering tomorrow to make your donation.

Envirocycle Philippines, Inc.

Location: Daystar Industrial Park, Pulong Sta. Cruz, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

A full-service recycling company accredited by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Envirocycle Philippines takes care of e-waste management for other large-scale establishments as well as smaller organizations. Other recyclable materials accepted by Envirocycle Philippines, Inc include: PET bottles, glass, plastic containers, industrial sacks, cardboard and papers.

Get in touch with the Envirocycle Philippines team through any of these numbers: (2) 584 4478 or (2) 584-4516.

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Some additional reminders before you clean house and get donating: make sure to wipe your personal data from your gadgets before proceeding with your electronic waste drop-offs and pick-ups. Deauthorize your iTunes, log out of your apps and delete them and reformat any reusable electronics!

Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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