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Get Connected: All About Globe's Prepaid Fiber Internet

Get Connected: All About Globe's Prepaid Fiber Service

Staying connected is one of the most important aspects of being online. However, a fast and reliable internet service provider is often expensive and unsustainable for a simple Filipino household. And for a country with 73.1% of the population enjoying this service, a solid connection is a must.

Enter GFiber Prepaid, which is Globe's exclusive internet service that allows you to enjoy the benefits of fiber internet even without a postpaid account or a lock-in period. 

From easy installation and set-up to flexible plans and add-ons, Globe At Home GFiber offers a range of options that fit your internet needs and budget. With a fiber connection, you can enjoy faster download and upload speeds, smoother streaming, and more reliable internet for all your online activities.

With the GlobeOne app, you can easily subscribe, top up, and manage your GFiber Prepaid. Experience a difference in your online activities with Globe's unique fiber technology with high-speed connections. Read on to see what's new!

What's Prepaid Fiber? 

GFiber Prepaid is a flexible and affordable service that allows customers to choose data packages that suit their internet needs and budget without a lock-in period. With easy top-up options, no credit check, and affordable installation fees, GFiber Prepaid is also a hassle-free solution for everyone. 

Prepaid fiber internet and postpaid broadband differ in payment and contract terms. Postpaid broadband requires monthly payment and a contract. Meanwhile, prepaid internet only needs upfront costs after purchasing the kit, allowing more flexibility and affordability.

Benefits of GFiber Prepaid

  • Reliable unlimited internet

Unlike other prepaid internet, GFiber Prepaid offers unlimited prepaid fiber connection, allowing you to enjoy streaming, gaming, and browsing without interruptions at a more sustainable cost, especially for the humble Filipino family.

  • Fully digital experience

GFiber Prepaid offers a fully digital experience. Via the GlobeOne app, you can purchase load, track data usage, and monitor subscription status. There's no need to visit physical stores or call customer service, making it convenient and hassle-free!

  • No requirements to submit

Once you've purchased the kit, your GFiber Prepaid internet is good to go! No need to worry about forms—get your unlimited fiber connection without the fuss.

  • Affordable

For as low as ₱299, you can get seven days of unlimited fiber connection. You can enjoy the perks of high-speed internet without the burden of hidden fees. GFiber Prepaid's pay-per-use feature lets you stream your favorite shows and play your favorite games with a smooth and fast connection.

  • Accessible

With other fiber plans, you have to pay a considerable fee to keep your connection. However, with GFiber's innovative internet experience, even simple and modest Filipinos can enjoy the speed and reliability of an unlimited internet connection. Gone are the days of data capping. You can now enjoy unlimited surfing power with Globe's GFiber Prepaid services anytime, anywhere.

GFiber Prepaid: Promo Validity and Prices

GFiberSURF Promo CodeFeaturesPrice
GFiberSURF299Unli fiber internet valid for 7 days₱299
GFiberSURF549Unli fiber internet valid for 15 days₱549
GFiberSURF999Unli fiber internet valid for 30 days₱999

GFiber Prepaid Kit

GFiber Prepaid has a one-time introductory fee of ₱1,499. With it, you already get a dual-band modem and have it installed. The kit also includes a generous ₱299 worth of unlimited internet that you can use for seven days.

Even better is the flexibility in payment options, allowing you to choose 3, 6, or 12-month installments with GGives. This makes it easy for everyone to have fast and reliable internet without financial strain. It's all about providing a seamless and enjoyable internet experience for you.

How to Apply for Globe Prepaid Fiber

Unlike other fiber plans, applying for GFiber prepaid is easy and very accessible! 

1: Download the GlobeOne app.

Scan the QR Code and get redirected to the GFiber page on the new GlobeOne app, or download the app when prompted. Register to continue.

2: Serviceability check.

Input your address on the app to check if the service is available in your area.

3: Complete the form.

Fill in your contact details and purchase the GFiber kit.

4: Schedule installation.

Select your preferred installation schedule and pay via GCash or GGives.

5: Create an account.

If you don't have an account, create one once your order is confirmed.

6: Account management.

After confirmation, you can buy promos, monitor promo status, and redeem rewards via the GlobeOne app.

Join the Fiber Revolution: Connect with Globe Prepaid Fiber

In a world where fast and reliable internet connectivity is necessary, GFiber Prepaid stands out as a game-changer. Its affordability, reloadability, and unlimited data options are perfect for those seeking an accessible and flexible internet connection.

Join the fiber revolution and experience practical browsing, streaming, and gaming. Avail today and embrace a hassle-free connection. Stay connected, stay ahead!

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Budget-Friendly Prepaid Fiber Internet

Browse, stream, and work all day with fast, reliable, and unli, fiber-stong connection at home.