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Volume Boost

What are Volume Boost Add-Ons?

This is an additional internet allowance that you may purchase on top your base plan internet allowance in order to continue browsing at your subscribed plan speed.

Cool! What are the Volume Boost variants that I can avail of?

Below are the available variants based on your subscribed plan. With the corresponding internet allowance valid for one month.
DSL and Fibre
P99+50 GBP99+20 GB for one month
P299+200 GBP299+60 GB for one month
P499+300 GBP499+100 GB for one month
P599+500 GBP599+150 GB for one month
P799+800 GBP799+200 GB for one month
P999+1000 GBP999+300 GB for one month

  • Volume Boost for DSL and LTE plans are non-recurring.
  • Volume Boost is valid for 30 days upon activation.

How can I avail of Volume Boost?

Easy! Just go to to get additional data.

What is an internet allowance?

The monthly internet allowance is the maximum amount of data (in gigabytes/GB*), that a Globe AT HOME account can consume within one month.

This monthly allowance includes all data received (downloaded) and sent (uploaded) on all home devices connected to the Globe AT HOME network, such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and other devices that use your internet connection.

* A gigabyte measures the amount of data you send and receive over the network – not the amount of time spent connecting to the Internet. A gigabyte is 1,073,741,824 bytes, 1,048,576 kilobytes, or 1024 megabytes.

Can I use my Volume Boost immediately after purchasing?

Your Volume Boost will take effect within 4 hours of your request, and is valid for 30 days upon activation.

Can I avail of a Volume Boost Add-On even if I haven't used up my internet allowance?

Yep! You can avail of a Volume Boost Add-on even if you still have remaining internet allowance.

If I availed of this add-on while I still have remaining internet allowance, what will happen?

That's the good news! You'll consume your Volume Boost first before you start consuming your plan's internet allowance.

Great! How about if I still have remaining data from my Volume Boost and my internet allowance resets, what will happen?

You'll continue consuming your Volume Boost first before you start consuming your internet allowance.

Can I avail of multiple Volume Boost?

You may only choose one (1) Volume Boost at a time. You'll only be able to purchase another add-on if you've used up the first one.

Is there a way to check my usage?

We'll notify you via text or email once you reach 50%, 80% and 100% usage of your plan's internet allowance.

For DSL customers, you'll automatically see a special Globe webpage when you open your browser and you've used up 80% or 100% of your internet allowance.

I want to subscribe but I don't have an email address. Can I still apply?

Our sales agents will be happy to assist you in creating an email address so we can process your application.

When will my plan's internet allowance refresh?

Your monthly internet allowance will refresh at the beginning of the next month.