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About the HUAWEI AX3 Dual-Core WiFi 6 Mesh - Globe Help & Support

Globe At Home Mesh Device

What is a mesh?

A mesh is a device that creates a mesh system in your home as replacement for your existing WiFi network. You need 2 or more mesh devices to create a network.

What is a mesh system?

A mesh system creates one WiFi network to increase and stabilize WiFi coverage around your home. By increasing coverage, this means that you can roam around your home without having to connect and disconnect from different WiFi networks. By stabilizing coverage, this means that you can connect more devices and not worry about lag when using them all together.

How does a mesh system work?

The modem that comes with your Globe At Home plan has one access point that broadcasts WiFi. A mesh system has multiple access points which increases WiFi coverage - this is done with one mesh device which acts like the router, and the other succeeding devices which act like access points. These access points capture the router’s signal and rebroadcasts it to create increased coverage.

Why do I need a mesh system?

For houses that have thick concrete walls/unusual layouts/multiple floors or rooms, you may be experiencing WiFi dead spots, or areas with little to no coverage. For households that have multiple devices connected and in use at one time (multiple people studying/working at the same time), you may be experiencing lag on some devices. A mesh system solves both problems with the increased and stabilized WiFi coverage.

What else can a mesh do?

  • Your mesh can be managed via an app which allows you to monitor usage/create guest systems all from your phone.
  • Your mesh will remove the need to constantly connect and reconnect when moving around.
  • Your mesh comes with security support.

What is the difference between a mesh and an extender?

A WiFi extender device only connects to your existing network, and extends your connection by making a new network. You will have to manually switch back and forth between the new networks an extender makes. Extenders may also slow down your experience because devices connected to an extended network have to take turns sending and receiving information. With mesh, you have one network that covers your whole home.

About the HUAWEI AX3 Dual-Core WiFi 6 Mesh

What is the HUAWEI AX3 Dual-Core WiFi6 mesh?

With Globe At Home's newest mesh device, HUAWEI AX3 Dual-Core WiFi6 mesh, you and your family can:

  • Experience Whole Home Coverage - Connect anywhere from home with signals that penetrate walls
  • Connect More Devices - Link more devices and experience the same speeds on all of them
  • Faster WiFi Speed - Experience 4x faster speed vs. Wifi 5 and enjoy smooth streaming and gaming like never before
  • Easy Mesh Set-Up and Monitoring - Set-up your mesh and monitor your family’s usage with HUAWEI AI Life App
  • Keep Your Home Protected - With Huawei HomeSec™, your home connection is protected from internal and external threats

Where can I get more information on HUAWEI AX3 Dual-Core WiFi 6 Mesh?

You may get more information on the mesh via the HUAWEI website:

What is the HUAWEI AI Life App and where can I get it?

HUAWEI AI Life lets you select Wi-Fi mode, detect signal strength, allow guest connections, manage time spent online, set up data plans, and much more.

You may download the HUAWEI AI Life app here:

How to set up the HUAWEI AX3 Dual-Core WiFi 6 Mesh?


  1. Make sure your modem is turned on and working.
  2. Download the AI Life App and sign up for an account
  3. Set up the parent mesh first. Choose any of the HUAWEI AX3 mesh devices included in your kit as the parent mesh, plug it to a power source and turn it on. 
  4. Using an ethernet cable, connect the modem LAN port to the mesh WAN port.
  5. Open the AI Life App, scan for devices, select the HUAWEI mesh and connect. 
  6. Once connected, agree to the terms and conditions and press get started.
  7. Next, configure your wifi and admin settings by changing the name and password then click save. Your wifi settings will be used when you connect to the wifi while the admin settings will be used to configure the mesh.
  8. Wait for the light on the mesh to turn green. (This may take a while.)
  9. Once ready, you may now connect to the internet using the mesh device.


  1. Plug the child mesh to the power source and turn it on.
  2. Using an ethernet cable, connect the parent mesh LAN port to the child mesh WAN port.
  3. Wait for the light on the child mesh to turn green. Once ready, unplug the ethernet cable and transfer the mesh device to your preferred location.

Troubleshooting and Aftersales

Where can I get online help with my mesh?

You may view the FAQs and troubleshooting page of HUAWEI here:

I need step-by-step assistance with my mesh. Who can I contact?

Your warranty lasts as long as you are within the 24-month lock-up for your plan. You may get in touch with a Globe At Home representative via the Globe At Home Facebook messenger. We will provide you with:

  • Over the phone/online support from our GFiber Experts
  • Remote network speed tests 
  • (If needed) A visit from Globe At Home technician

Alternatively, you may get in touch with a HUAWEI representative via the HUAWEI Customer Service hotline (1800-8739-5227) from Monday to Sunday 9AM to 6PM. You may also get in touch with HUAWEI Service Centers near you